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aa is the "hello world" app for Android Phones & Tablets.

i.e. aa is like snake on an old brick phone, it's fundamental.

Handmade in Australia,
General Adaptive

If it's not published by General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd - it's not the authentic and original aa. Don't be fooled by clones.

aa APK reviews

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Savannah Strong review Savannah Strong
Family Challenge
Omg! This game is so awesome! My sister and I have been competing alot with this game and my dad doesn't even have the app and wants to play it on our devices. My mom says it's very confusing so she doesn't like it
Josh Fridley review Josh Fridley
Too many adds annoying
The game itself is fun and challenging. Currently I'm on level 115 and have been fighting adds the whole way. I'm deleting the game now strictly due to the adds..too much
Jasmine Carpenter review Jasmine Carpenter
Addicted to it
Fun but I get angry when I fail because I am so addicted
Chris K. review Chris K.
Great Game. Too Many Ads
Addictive, simple and fun but way too many intrusive ads deter the playing experience. I've looked to see if there is a way to pay to remove ads, but don't think that's an option.
Kenna Sears review Kenna Sears
Very addictive but too many adds
Challenging, but very fun,kills time,and when you loose you just want to try some more but there are way too many adds
Hary Tjahjakusuma review Hary Tjahjakusuma
5 star if there NO ads !!! ------ with sooooo much ads popping out blocking screen, ------ 1 star still TOO MUCH !!!
Shelby Johnson review Shelby Johnson
I love this it is the bomb??????
libby wallace review libby wallace
Frustrating ?
It kept freezing and stopping
lieutenant Joker review lieutenant Joker
The game is good but its really hard after the first few stages. Theres a lot of adds and i hate that. they made copies of it but different like ff or rr for example i think they did it after this blew up. The other games should have been dlc for this IMO
Tony Bishop review Tony Bishop
Fast update now working!
Very nice and fast update! The game works again so thank you for your quick fix! I Gove you 5 stars for the dedication. Kudos to your team!
Zachary Mulcahy review Zachary Mulcahy
These ads make the game unplayable. Godamn if you don't take these ads off or put an in app purchase to remove ads I'm gonna blow up
Carmel Marshall review Carmel Marshall
Frustrating but fun to win.
Aleksandar Puharic review Aleksandar Puharic
Awesome app but
it has a lot of issues. First few levels are easy, some after challenging but after it gets to hard and frustrating that you lose will to continue playing. Beside all that - ads are so anoying!
Fiorelly Torres review Fiorelly Torres
Its cool.
I like it but the way it looks is what bothers me
Fantasmawow diy review Fantasmawow diy
To much
To much ads every round I play their has to be ad and sometimes it lags and freeze to and stopped