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Amino: Communities and Chats
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Amino's network of communities lets you explore, discover, and obsess over the things you’re into. Each community has great content, the friendliest of people, and exciting events. Get involved:

- DISCOVER and search communities for whatever you're passionate about
- CHAT with likeminded people across the world
- WATCH videos, read blogs, and share favorites
- POST your own blogs, polls, and more
- GET the latest news and info about your interests
- CUSTOMIZE your profile and grow a following

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Luna Nightt review Luna Nightt
I really really like amino. I do! It's the new sign up thing. That's the thing I don't like. I sign up with my Facebook and I have had it for a little over a year now, and it won't let me sign in! At all! It's saying my password is incorrect and I keep having to put in some stupid pin each time. Can you help me amino creators
ItsGlittzy review ItsGlittzy
I really love the app there is a group for everything and it's really fun to meet people. But I feel like the blocking system could be better, instead of just not being able to follow them you should lose all contact with, kinda like Instagram's blocking system. Another thing, I just logged back on to Amino after a while and it says my account is disabled. Does this mean I can no longer lof on or what?
Zelda Gal review Zelda Gal
This app is uh-mazziinnngg! I was using Geeking before and since I have an Android....and a really crappy one at was giving me the worst time. So as soon as I looked into different role-playing apps I found this and I love it! It's way easier to use and there's so many nice people as well. It's a guarantee that you'll love it too. Unless your phone doesn't love it. ???
jordan aviles review jordan aviles
It's pretty good exept my community got banned for seemingly no reason.. I had moderators managing making sure it didn't have anything up that broke guidelines then poof it's gone... don't get comfortable in a community I guess cause in a second it could be gone would be my advice to anyone downloading this app
Phil Watson review Phil Watson
I really love the app but can there be a button to remove all the people you have followed or remove selected followers because i have a lot of people that i have followed that aren't on amino anymore and its a pain to remove them one by one its time consuming and thats the only problem with amino for me pls implement that on amino thanks
The Lucky Puppy review The Lucky Puppy
Amino is a very addictive app were you can express your love for different topics. I reccomend this app to anyone, because it DOES have tgings for anyone and anything. Also, Amino rhymes with my name! *cough* Aminah *cough*
Nyan3rs Gaming review Nyan3rs Gaming
I originally used amino when i first popped up my old account may even still be active XD but i went ahead and made a new because ive come so far with cosplay since then so i wantes to start fresh. Amino is easy to navigate around, simple, and user friendly. You can make friends on it as well ive bumped into a few people from my old amino and we continue to talk over fb and follow each other on other social media sites.
Steve's teacher review Steve's teacher
When I upload images to my shared folder, I post images, then it will post a few images I DON'T EVEN HAVE IN MY gallery, it posts hentai images! My Amino is supposed to be hentai free, how must the members feel if they see the leader posts hentai?! Please stop this ASAP!
foxlover27 /Lucy the six tailed fox review foxlover27 /Lucy the six tailed fox
It's great bc I'm not very social irl and I've made alot of friends and overall this is a very great app
Ericredcat review Ericredcat
I was watching YouTube. I saw Amino. I said, ill try it. Im addicted. I use it a lot now cuz my $1 headphones broke and I cant watch YouTube without people screen watching. Thank you Amino
The new 'screening room' feature is buggy ie. YouTube videos have buffering issues and the video output can only be seen by the host of the room(this is also an issue when it comes to streaming videos from the local files). Even with a good internet connection, the videos take forever to load. Please fix this issue promptly.
Mobius review Mobius
New update requires access to microphone.. I thought app would finally allow me to send videos or voice chats.. what a let down ?☹️☹️☹️
Dr.Remix Music review Dr.Remix Music
Great app to communicate with other people
Vincent Baxter review Vincent Baxter
Does what it says on the tin
The app works well, has plenty of users, and allows you to nerd out at people who actually know what you're taking about.
Misty Does review Misty Does
Amino is amazing, I've met some awesome people on here! Even if I end up with my face stuck in my device all day, there's always something new happening to he apart of.