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Amino Creator and Manager: ACM
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Amino Creator & Manager enables anyone to create their own mobile social network. Build and manage an immersive community with ease. Become part of the Amino network of communities and gain access to a huge audience of potential members.

- CUSTOMIZE your community's icon, theme, and categories
- CURATE and moderate your community's content and chats
- GROW your community on Amino's network and off

Amino is the leading mobile-first community platform offering community leaders more customization, curation, and moderation tools than anywhere else.

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MPJR. StickAnimator review MPJR. StickAnimator
10out of 0
Jasmine Hermoillo review Jasmine Hermoillo
Love it
It great
Jena Smith review Jena Smith
Only able to make two aminos.
Overall the app has been great and it let me delete one of my aminos, but I wish we could create more than two aminos.
Janrey Cabahug review Janrey Cabahug
Simply the best app ever!
I've been using this app since the beginning. Now I finally have 2 standalone apps because of this! Also, this app was the reason behind all of the communities in the main Amino App! 5 STAR!!!!! ALRIGHT!!!!!! WOOOO!!!!
Derrick Mcclain review Derrick Mcclain
I love amino
Liane Animatromo review Liane Animatromo
This app is good and all. It makes it so you can see who did what when it comes to the maceration history and keep tabs on all the members in the community. But what about the ones outside the community? There is an option where you can have folks ask permission to join a community. We have had some folks join and cause chaos so we turned it on to limit that. But we can't tell who is what nor can we tell the history of a new member. So that brings a question. What's the point of permission if you can't check to see why you should even let them in? They should have it to where we can see the history of a member. Such as how many times they have been banned, kicked, blocked, hidden, etc. And why. With this valuable information, we can be safer and have a reason to deny them of access or accept them. Otherwhys, it's redundant to even have a permission option as an... Option.
Derpie Kittie 17 review Derpie Kittie 17
I like it and it's good and all but,can you update it so you can delete a community or at least add the maximum number to 5.
luna chan review luna chan
I love it! I have had this app for hmmm about 3 years now and i'm still in love with it. But there is one compliant... Maybe more than 3 pictures at a time like what it used to be like.
Itz Bunneh Games review Itz Bunneh Games
This App is great, my friend and I have been together to make an Amino and we hope it turns out great, this is an amazing App and the way it works is incredible. I give it a 4/5 just because there are a few tweaks that could make it better! ?
That Dude review That Dude
It won't let me make Aminos even after I've updated the base app. I tried uninstalling both but that didn't help
Its not letting me create anything, it just keeps saying "sorry, we can't create this amino right now, try again later."
Sierra Sparklez review Sierra Sparklez
I'm a leader in a new community, and the app is just full of struggles. The biggest problem is the crashing. When I try to add a description, the app just crashes, and the time spent typing the description goes down the drain. If you could fix this, then my rating would definately increase.
Piper Haven Ryder review Piper Haven Ryder
Major issue here, Everytime I pop down my window for another on my phone then go back it has me log in again and I lose all I've done. Fix it and I'll give you the five I wanna give
I don't get why when I'm going to enlist an Amino, it's says that I have to be active 5 min+ everyday on average. I am active everyday and mostly spend 30 minutes to update the Amino. Please help me ?
Zoe G. review Zoe G.
I had to install this to create anything on Amino when the Amino app alone took up a lot of space on my phone. So after q hour of going through hell and back, I finally got this app too. Let's see how worth it this app is.