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• Turn yourself into an expressive cartoon character
• Instantly share comics starring you and your friends - including jokes, greeting cards and status updates
• Choose from thousands of customizable scenes, plus new ones daily
• Add photo backgrounds to your comics and make the possibilities truly endless

Join millions around the world using Bitstrips as a fun and visual way to communicate with friends.

Bitstrips APK reviews

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Sherry Leyba review Sherry Leyba
I have so much fun with Bitstrips and Bitmojis they Brighten my day and make my friends laugh! They are also totally perfect if you are mad at your husband and don't wanna talk to him lol!! I think it's great that there are funny comics, but also serious ones. They are very true to life u won't be disappointed that's for sure! So what are u waiting for get to downloading those suckers.........????
Kelly Daniels review Kelly Daniels
Well I wondered why kNowone posted bitstrips anymore on FB . Now I know. It won't let you get most of friends off there. So it lacks appeal to me now. I even made my bff bitstrip ,which was cool and can't find her on the friends deal.
Julie van Tonder review Julie van Tonder
Love it awesome app. Only thing can u ad more clothes selections.. and also a hard hat head gear please
Monte Lindsey review Monte Lindsey
I like it. It's a stress reliever. It's a little slow and kinda corny but when you find a good one its worth it.
sammi8327 review sammi8327
Had to redownload &still doesn't work!
It keeps doing the "force close" mess. It won't even let me open it. I tried re-downloading it several time and it keeps forcing it closed and I get the same f'n "force close or report" box.
Celeste Jones review Celeste Jones
I would like my avatar to have my texture of hair , had it when I started did somethihg??? Don't know what , and now she has no locs!!!! HELP!!!
Elisa Gonzales review Elisa Gonzales
Love, love, luv it!!
This is the bomb...tons of fun...seems to have every sinario possible...just one minor would be tons more fun if we could insert our peeps who are unfortunately unable to have this program (i.e. grandparents or very old Aunts & Uncle's and our fury & feathered or gilled family members)...lets see what you can do about that...but I still love it....great job!!
Barbara Anchai review Barbara Anchai
Good app, could've been better
Great way to express yourself and updating status on Facebook. Wish the we could freely customize the bubble size so it won't cover the avatar in the strips. Also, it would be so much fun if we can just customize avatar out of our contact list without having our contact to actually own bitstrips app. Overall, it was good.
Chele Mickolio review Chele Mickolio
Fun and relaxing app
I enjoy making comics. It's a great way to take life a little lighter and laugh. Being creative is stress relief I think.
dru 89 review dru 89
Fun, lacking a bit but getting better
Biggest thing is new outfits are needed badly. Some sexy and cute things would be great. Also, Since the last update it's not so easy to use in places other than fb and Twitter. Please add new outfits and options. Would love the ability to have more than one avatar and to include other ppl. Overall, it's fun, easy to use and addicting. I love it.
Jonathon Corrales review Jonathon Corrales
This app is hilarious. 5 stars lmao. The comics are random as hell and whoever says this app sucks and doesnt work is because they dont have a good enough phone lol
Hema Kamineni review Hema Kamineni
Creative and fun
I love using this app to tease my friends. It's let's me be imaginative and funny. I like creating comic versions of myself and it's surprising how close you can get the avatars to look like the real you. If you don't feel like spending all that time being creative, you can just use their available comics. The range of emotions and situations they have is exhaustive. Warning: you will be spending a lot of time on this, especially if all your friends are already a party of this world.
Tiara Turner review Tiara Turner
I can't stay away !!!!
I am famous with this game just listen to me it is realistic and very thing about make me happy
Keturah VanOrder review Keturah VanOrder
I liked how it was before
I used to be able to edit an avatar for someone who doesn't have bitstrips, now I can't even add people who don't have an avatar anymore. :( ...also bitstrips used to add 4 new pictures every day at 12am but now they don't. So I don't like how it is now -_- they took away lots of things. But one thing I do like is what they added to customizing the avatars :D but that's pretty much the only thing I like that's new.
Jerry Betancourt review Jerry Betancourt
Great innocent fun
This so is perfect for making fun of the dilly awkward moments in life with yourself and friends