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Let’s draw lines and bump balls!
Drawing brain-training app “Brain Dots”!

The only thing you need to do is to “bump two balls.”
Will you be able to clear these simple-looking but actually difficult stages?
This is a brain-training game that everyone from children to grown-ups will be able to enjoy!

▼ The rules are simple!

◆ Let's bump the two balls
All you need to do to clear a stage is to
“make the blue and red balls bump”.
Draw lines and shapes freely to move and roll the balls.
Flexible thinking is going to become the key to victory.

◆ Let's collect pens
Starting off with a simple pencil, moving onto color pencils, crayons and so on.
We have prepared more than 25 varieties of pens of different colors and sizes.
Collect various pens and walk through the stages.

◆ Share the moment of victory
You can review the moment you cleared a stage on video or picture.
Share it on SNS to show off your superior skills to your friends.
Not to mention that watching your friends’ gameplay might also become a hint!?

◆ Your brain abilities will be tested
This game, continuing after Brain Wars, also tests your logical thinking and the flexibility of your mind.
As this game includes the elements of riddle and “Escape the Room” type of games, we would recommend Brain Dots to people who enjoy brain-type puzzles, cards and strategy games.
It might also have an impact on your children’s intellectual growth and preventing brain deterioration?

▼ Languages
15 languages! Brain Dots is played all over the world!
Japanese / English / Korean / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Spanish / French / Portuguese(Brazil) / Swedish / Finnish / Russian / Vietnamese / Thai / Indonesian / Hindi /

▼ Latest information

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The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Brain Dots APK reviews

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Kikki Kingini review Kikki Kingini
Interesting and brain developing game. Its very good animation for me to play. When I am bored, I always used to play this game. I hope that you will make this game better than this version. This is indeed a very nice game and stress relief too.... please do install this game who ever sees this ... very interesting. Excellent !!!!!! 😙😙
Harsh Kumar review Harsh Kumar
Progress lost
All my progress is somehow lost but the levels that I had cleared are being shown with a screenshot of how I cleared it. However I am not being able to access those levels. Also all my brushes are also gone. Tell me what to do to get a 5 star..
Hannah Bender review Hannah Bender
I enjoy but am also mildly infuriated by the precision required for this game. I appreciate that it takes physics into account, but if your screen, stylus, etc. aren't properly calibrated, it can be tough to complete some of the levels. Also, I usually play on airplane mode because of the ridiculous amount of ads. Otherwise, an all around rewarding and challenging game.
Dawn Suns review Dawn Suns
Very enjoyable.
I like this game , although it got a little boring after a while. The objective is to use your finger to draw a line to get two balls to touch . It is a very simple concept and I like the variety of different pens you can use. I do find the ads a little bit annoying , and I think it could be improved with multiplayer racing features! (Just an idea.) There is also a level editing mode where you can make your own levels and try out others! I would reccomend this to those who are patient and like platformers.
James Em. review James Em.
Ad bloated cash grab
So, I'm not some d-bag who thinks everything should be free. I either put up with ads or pay for premium features. That said, one of my favorite games, and one of the best games period, has become a constant deluge of full page animated ads for the same 4 or 5 apps that already advertise everywhere. This KILLS the flow of the game and eats data. I'm all for a few banners here and there, but this is absurd. Oh, premium unlock? Yeah, over $4 USD which is a little steep for a two dimensional game. $2 at best.
Euan Fernandes review Euan Fernandes
For some reason, when I go onto the, it shows me the stage I'm on, I click it but then it (the game) just crashes. Please fix this bug or tell me why it's happenin. It works fine on my note 4 just not this device (galaxy tab A)
Alfred F. Jones review Alfred F. Jones
Ads, fun game, slow reaction time.
They're painfully annoying. I put up with ads and forget they're even there because I'll just get in and out of the app. Yet these are so irritating since it will slow my phone down, has it load an ad and then play it. It's too time consuming and when I retry a level sometimes it sends me into an immediate ad that I'll back out of it- only to be greeted by yet another "loading" notification. The gameplay is fun if you're not driven crazy by ads. Uninstalling at lvl. 65 because I'm no longer dealing with bs.
Mark Phillips review Mark Phillips
Brilliant game
Entertaining and enjoyable. Puzzles get gradually harder and you get a sense of achievement when you complete one. Brilliant, I would recommend to everyone to give it a try.
Rick R review Rick R
To many adds really ruin the fun and keeps from enjoying the game.
There are way to many adds, they really take away from the game. I understand watching the ads to earn coins but everytime i mess up on a level and restart a pop up add comes out which really is annoying. I watch ads sometimes to earn the coins, so i feel that if i willingly watch ads that there shouldn't be random pop up ads, or just get rid of the pop up ads entirely since there's a choice to watch them to earn coins. Also it runs slow and crashes way to often. Fix the way the game runs and remove pop ups
Miguel Hermo review Miguel Hermo
The amount of ads makes it barely playable. But that's not the biggest issue. This app KILLS BATTERY LIFE. Uses 3x as much battery as Pokemon go. No lie!! This game used 15% in 10 minutes. It took me playing Pokemon 30 minutes to do that
Alexcia . Cast. review Alexcia . Cast.
I HIGHLY recommend. It's a fun game to play whenever you're stuck doing something boring and in need of a little entertainment. Only thing that sucks is pop up ads. I love how creative this makes me feel. Well done.
Jamie Martinez review Jamie Martinez
Awesome game love all the different obstacles its a fun game me and co workers like to play to kill time and use our brains 😛 love it. Even with the ads. Its not hard to press a little x button ... Patience. 😇
Robyn Miller review Robyn Miller
A VERY FUN GAME!! However it still has a lot of bugs and glitches. The game freezes or crashes after two or three levels or two or three attempts. It would be WAY more fun if I did not have to repeated restart the game
Maitreyi Jha review Maitreyi Jha
Too many ads!! It is very irritating when an ad pops up after each level!! Also, I don't know why I can't see the hint icon on my screen anymore. I'm on 114th level and I haven't even used hints more than 2-3 times but I don't know why I don't have the option to use a hint. Otherwise it is a nice game.
Jan Dalton review Jan Dalton
Still freezing up after hint. Have to restart phone and sometimes even take battery out to get it to shut off Samsung Galaxy 3