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Candy Valley - Match 3 Puzzle
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"Dream of collecting… not jewels, but recipes for the tastiest, most incredible sweets, don’t you? Grab a can of soda; you’ll need it to wash down all the jelly beans and sugar candies!
You, your assistant Ella and the candy-maker Edward will set off on a quest to that puzzling place, Candy Valley, where the locals are famous for their exquisite recipes!
Travel with the Rainbow and learn to cook all kinds of delicacies by matching the ingredients!
Danger and hardship await you on your adventure, but you are sure to best any puzzle without trouble!
Cool action waits for kids and adults alike. Boys and girls, you will have unlimited fun playing this jewel of a game!
You can log in with Facebook, import your progress and play for free anytime you want on your smartphone!

A new online classic saga of match 3 games.
Simple rules: find the matches, starting from three in a row, and combine them.
Become the ultimate crusher of sweets and digger of recipes.
Dash to the most complex puzzles in the app world, match threes, and rush to the very top!
Travel the sweetest land imaginable.

Note: The purchases in the in-game store are optional and meant to make game progress easier. A Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection is needed to play the game — you can’t do it offline."

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Julie Hart review Julie Hart
I HATE tht even if you win your levels you still get stopped and have to wait 1 hours to get tot the next level. Thats stupid. I'm so ready to uninstall the game because of that
Sue Crook review Sue Crook
Game will not load either on Wi-Fi or mobile data. Keeps giving error code 12 or 11. Internet connection error. All other devices work & other games. What's going on as this has been like this now a couple of days.
Error code 12 - the game never starts. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection! Sorry, Tapclap, it still will not start - error code 12 as of November 4th. ?
Aimee Manahan review Aimee Manahan
I love this game but recently I'm having problems logging into it. I can have full service but still won't connect says error 12. But if I sign into Wi-Fi it'll work fine.....still has not been fixed!!!
Alicia Colombo review Alicia Colombo
Great Game, But Uses A LOT of Data
I love this game, it's more addictive & fun than Candy Crush. Love the opportunities to get extra moves without paying (i.e. watch ad). However, it uses an unreasonable amount of data. 300+MB a week. Strongly suggest only playing when connected to Wi-Fi.
Zinakho Msele review Zinakho Msele
Stuck on level 21
Ran out of lives, tried to buy more but it's not allowing me to. Now I'm stuck with a game that I can't play. Such a pity 'cause I was really enjoying this game. For that I've given it 2 stars. Spent so much data downloading this game and now I can't even continue...
Elizabeth Robertson review Elizabeth Robertson
Not happy!!!
I really liked the game and made it to the 100 levels.It doesn't give enough moves for what i need to collect.300 coins is way too much for 5 extra moves.Probably gonna uninstall, I'm not keeping a game that I can't play.
Joyce VW review Joyce VW
App still not working. Won't connect to internet. Error code 12. No, the problem is not solved. Samsung S6 Mobile internet WiFi off Of course the mobile internet is stable. Everything else works EXCEPT this game. Of course I'm logged into Facebook. Quit stalling and either fix the mobile game or remove the app. Yes it works on PC.
Bec Dykes review Bec Dykes
Love this game but now it won't load.
I'm addicted to this game, but now it only loads to 96% and then freezes. Same with Pirate Treasures - loads to 97% and freezes. Please fix this! I miss this game!
SherryBaby Hudson review SherryBaby Hudson
I did like this game and enjoy playing it. But it stopped working today w error code 10-cannot connect to the internet. Meanwhile all other apps of my S6 Edge plus, Tab S2 and Samsung smart TV are working flawlessly. Will uninstall app and reinstall hoping that fixes this. Will update this rating if it goes back to working properly. Also... Saw many other people complaining about this same issue online. Fix it please!
Amy Eller review Amy Eller
Lost my coins!
I had like 2000 coins saved and I bought a pk with the unlimited lives and they wasn't credited to my account. I want a refund or something! I sent y'all my ID number please fix. Update 9/11/16 the support team won't return emails so don't waste your time!!!
Carolina Girl review Carolina Girl
I LOVE playing this game but I cannot get rid of the "undefined" when wanting to purchase extra items. I've tried clearing the cache and uninstalling and reinstalling. Ugh!
Asaneth Fullerton review Asaneth Fullerton
I did not enjoy this game, I so wasted my time downloading it. Shuts down whenever I finish a level and take the lives and I still have to continue at the same level when I get back in the game this game is stupid. Fix it..
sue spencer review sue spencer
Still Keeps crashing why? How much longer before you sort it or going to uninstall. Thanx
Mary Brennan review Mary Brennan
I loved this game but now it doesn't connect to the internet. No error codes. Nothing. Fix it pls and quick before I get p'd off and delete