Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts APK

Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts
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Hunting ghosts could be fun if you play the spookiest coin pusher ever! Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts is easy to play and is filled with the creepiest gifts to fill your undead cabinet. Simply drop coins to collect bonuses and prizes. Be careful not to push coins and spooky gifts off the sides of the graveyard. Special coins appear with magical powers and helpful boosts. Play the new ghost hunt mini game to earn rare treasures.

Join Game Circus’ special Haunted House, featuring Dracula, Mummy Pharaoh, Zombie Frankenstein, the Grim Reaper, werewolves, the walking dead, and other legendary monsters!

Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghost features:
- Activate full moon mode to transform prizes into their legendary forms!
- Bust ghosts in the new ghost hunter mini game to win great prizes
- Win spooky collectibles and creepy gifts to fill your undead cabinet and level up!
- Collect puzzle pieces to explore Dracula’s study, Frankenstein’s lab and the Witch’s kitchen

Drop gold coins onto the Halloween themed pusher, then doze them into a pile and over the edge to collect. Shake the machine to release bats and earn even more coins quickly. Special coins appear and provide you with a helpful boost, including the new ghost coins and moon coins! Collect the prize and puzzle piece collectibles that spawn on the machine board to complete prize lines and unlock bonuses! Come back daily to spend your regenerated coins!

Ghosts and ghouls are having a spooky party and you’re invited! Find ghost in our new bonus game; the more ghosts you can find, the greater your reward! There is mania everywhere as monsters like zombies, werewolves, vampires, and witches are roaming the graveyards until you collect them. But beware stranger things! Rare prizes will appear when the full moon comes out in our new game mode. Use this precious time to collect the legendary monsters such as the grim reaper or wolfman! Join the underground party and play Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts for free!

Coin Dozer: Haunted Ghosts APK reviews

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Jessica Amber Scanlon review Jessica Amber Scanlon
Great game but after update it doesn't always load :(
Jody Cupps review Jody Cupps
Love this holiday great job coin doser
Jon Dickert review Jon Dickert
LG V10
It will keep you interested
Prexy Aryl review Prexy Aryl
I played the first coin dozer and I really enjoyed it so I thought of playing again. But this time it is waaay harder. I am level 75 now and my regen limiy is still at 29 coins. And the rare items are REALLY rare. They want you to spend money to get them now. I still enjoy it but this just irritates me especially since I experienced how it was when it still wasnt about the money. Good game, but this is not for you if you don't like waiting and if you can't purchase to get rid of the ads.
Regan Noble review Regan Noble
Morgan Best review Morgan Best
The coin regeneration sucks. It only gives 20 coins even at level 7. Most coin Dozer games give 100 or more coins and the Regen goes up per level. When there's more coins to play with I'll rate 5 stars. Other than coins I like the game. Just be nice to play it for more then 5 minutes
Michael Bonior review Michael Bonior
Mediocre game with 2 huge issues
It's the typical coin pusher. Something to curb the boredom of everyday life but this game has 2 major flaws. One it's riddled with ads. Random ads, ads to receive a daily bonus, even a mandatory add just to close out the game. Second major flaw, 90% of the offers for free coins don't work. If you watch a video ad from any other screen than the home screen you don't receive the reward. Also if you download and run an app to receive a bonus it does not register. Play this is you love to wait for coins.
Cherry Kun review Cherry Kun
I don't earn any coins whilst im offline? Even after hours, it still says "You earned 0 coins whilst offline" And none of the free coin offers give me coins? It's a fun game but I wish you could get coins easier.
Ad filled
The ads stop you playing properly. If you're playing but leave the app open to get the coins earlier, you are certain to come back in 20 mins thinking you have the Max coins limit..... WRONG....when an ad pops up it stops the game timer. Any fixes on the way?
KeyLime Yogurt review KeyLime Yogurt
It's a decent game. Wish I could play for more than five minutes with out running out of coins. When I try to get free coins by completing offers, I never get my coins. Kinda feels like I'm being scammed into looking at adds.
Michelle Swensen review Michelle Swensen
How am I able to make a purchase when my default is set to give my password before each purchase? So when I go to play the game & accidentally buy 1500 coins!!! I would appreciate a $10 refund please! I'll leave your coins to take back. Thank you!
Dominic Perrotta review Dominic Perrotta
Beware the "free" coin scam. It's more than what they claim unless watching a video only. Anything more and you'll get to the end of the task only to find there's more than they said and you won't get your coins. I even contacted support but they blew me off. Uninstall city. There are other similar games and likely more honest.
Angela Tomlinson review Angela Tomlinson
I absolutely love the game. It's lots of fun. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the fact that, when I completed the puzzles, very little happened. I had hoped that further puzzles would open up to draw me deeper into the game. Still playing it though!
Lynda Loopy review Lynda Loopy
I'm enjoying the game it's a good time killer. Only have one bad thing to say about it and that's-when the coin walls go up it would be better if you didn't get 3 ghost coins at the same time, cos by the time you've finished playing that the walls have gone down. Is there anything you can do about it please? Thanks. :-)
Sayard McQuade review Sayard McQuade
It's altogether addicting because of human faults. It's not really fun or requires any skill. It's a time waster. It's also weird how I need to watch an ad to get my daily reward. It's like the app is saying, "hey, let me punish you for signing on every day."