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Coin Dozer: Pirates
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Ahoy Matey! You’ve just discovered the most addictive arcade coin pusher on the seven seas! Coin Dozer Pirates is a brand new coin pusher game from the makers of Coin Dozer & Prize Claw 2. Play like a pirate and spin the casino style slot machine to win hoards of booty. Fire in the hole! The coin cannon is sure to put some coins into your virtual pockets. Yo-ho-ho, join the coin pusher crew and download Coin Dozer Pirates today!

Explore and plunder the treasure filled pirate dozer outfitted with:
• Impressive 3D graphics and special effects
• Shiny new coins
• Swashbuckling prizes
• Davy Jones’ casino slot machine
• Legendary treasure map with multiple adventure themed puzzles
• Coin cannon guaranteed to shiver me timbers

Drop gold coins onto the pusher to doze piles of treasure your way - don’t forget the special coins to help you out! Buccaneers be wary, the pusher can also thrust your riches off the side and into the sea. Each prize collection you complete unlocks a unique bonus to help you plunder even MORE treasure and loot!

There is more to this pirate’s tale! A treasure map will guide your adventure to fortune, so be on the look out for puzzle pieces! Each piece gets you closer to completing a unique scene, with a special reward when you finish! If you run out of coins, fear not matey: more will fill your virtual pockets.

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Coin Dozer: Pirates APK reviews

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Edyta Buczkowska review Edyta Buczkowska
Its OK......
I think its really good but there are always loads of adverts and it get very annoying!!!!
Carol Moores review Carol Moores
Games good but why do I never get my free coins for watching videos etc help please !!
Randy Johnston review Randy Johnston
Coin dozer pirates
Coin game
Courtney Armitage review Courtney Armitage
Its alright its a bit babyish
Deb Johnson review Deb Johnson
Coin drop
Tushar Rathor review Tushar Rathor
Nice game but limited coins
Kenni Macon review Kenni Macon
I Love It
Karen Shimek review Karen Shimek
Great Series
Have played many Coin Dozier games, and as always, I am addicted!
Aaron Blood review Aaron Blood
Too many advertisements! It is constantly interrupting game play. Also has advertisements that play ridiculously loud videos that can not be skipped or muted. I played the previous version a couple years ago, and had no problem with the ads. Please stop being so obnoxious with ad placement.
Kat Waywell review Kat Waywell
Great game completed all other coin dozers
Pamela G review Pamela G
Keeps me busy
Margaret El Alfy review Margaret El Alfy
constantlt crashes since last update
Gloria Tensley review Gloria Tensley
Coin dozer pirates
Victoria Thomas review Victoria Thomas
It's ok
Valerie Ray review Valerie Ray
Fun coin game