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Coin Dozer: Seasons rolls Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter into a single game with more holidays to come in the future! With 3 machines to master, get ready for the biggest Coin Dozer ever, Coin Dozer: Seasons!

In Coin Dozer: Seasons you’ll be returning to the rooftops, helping Santa deliver coins and presents down the chimney. Switch machines in the game and you can start collecting gifts for Valentine's Day! Switch again and you can fill your basket with eggs and chocolate bunnies for Easter! Don't drop anything off the sides if you want to have the perfect holiday! But don't worry too much, with multiple holidays to play there are lots of prizes to collect from Easter hats to Valentine's bears to sugar cookies! Gain levels for special effects and grab special coins to further increase your coin-collecting power! Don't be bothered if you run out of coins, more coins will be giving filling you with holiday cheer soon. Keep checking back to complete your collection!

Coin Dozer Holidays includes:
- Cheerful new 3D graphics!
- The best physics of any coin game!
- With three holidays to play, there are over 100 prizes to collect!
- Tons of special effects!
- Seasons will grow! There are more holidays to be added in the future!

Watch for more updates soon!

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Coin Dozer: Seasons APK reviews

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Billie Senig review Billie Senig
Good game but....
I loved thd winter season but now that i have unlocked valentines, it is too hard to level up. Need more power ups.
Lisa Austin review Lisa Austin
Won't even open!
So I downloaded it won't open already deleted it!
Nicolene Slabbert review Nicolene Slabbert
Coin Dozer: Seasons
Just love it.
Jasmine Parker review Jasmine Parker
Coin Dozer Seasons
I'm a ten year old girl
Cheyanne Quinn review Cheyanne Quinn
How come i cant unlock the other season
Lawrence Howard review Lawrence Howard
I love the game
It's funny
Pamela Koziar review Pamela Koziar
Love this game, can't get enough of it
MissyR Iszler review MissyR Iszler
This game is the best Coin Dropper ever! Addictive & great to look at. Thank you developers!
Sophie Williams review Sophie Williams
You have to get to level 50 to change season.
Asia Anderson review Asia Anderson
It's great, but I Dis-Like it every time my coins go down the side. :) = >:(
Violet Wheat review Violet Wheat
Coin dozer .seasons
Great game Christmas keeps coming...
Paul Sears review Paul Sears
Plain fun
Good, but at times to sensitive buttons
Reece Follows review Reece Follows
Its the best game so far. You should also try coin dozer pirates .you get extra coins on this game if you get the pirate vertion
Sasha Nana review Sasha Nana
It's an ok game I guess. But sometimes it can get really boring & annoying because the keep running out ?!
Olivia Stankovich review Olivia Stankovich
I tap on free coins and watch the videos and I don't get any fix