Coin Dozer: World Tour APK

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Take an adventure around the world in COIN DOZER: WORLD TOUR!

From those that brought you the wildly popular Coin Dozer, comes a twist on the classic game found in arcades and carnivals- Coin Dozer: World Tour! Travel to destinations such as China, Japan, and all over Europe, with more places to come!
With Coin Dozer: World Tour, you’ll experience the majesty of China by collecting ancient coins, snatching up colorful dragons, stockpiling exploding fireworks, and more! Watch your coins and prizes stack up as the fire-breathing dragons help push your treasures over the edge! But the fun doesn’t stop there: pack your bags, grab your passport, and continue on your adventure by heading to the fun-filled country of Japan! Collect calming Bonsai trees, stock up on some delicious sushi, and amass a team of ninjas! That’s not all- go backpacking all over Europe, visiting different countries and sampling the culture! Don’t let anything drop off the sides if you want this to be the best trip ever! Be sure to look out for special coins to boost your coin-collecting power! Coin Dozer: World Tour is fun for both kids and adults!

✩ Colorful and vibrant 3D graphics!
✩ The best physics of any coin pusher game!
✩ Tons of prizes to collect and currently 3 regions to visit!
✩ Lots of special effects!
✩ A world constantly expanding, with more areas to be added soon!

Check back soon for more updates!
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Coin Dozer: World Tour APK reviews

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keesha shankle review keesha shankle
Sooo Awesome
Rachael Preston review Rachael Preston
Dangerous ads!
Some of the ads at the bottom are bloody dangerous for ppl who suffer fits! Sort it out!
Josh Collins review Josh Collins
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Oliver Hawkins review Oliver Hawkins
The scenery
I absolutely loved the scenery especially the China one.
Patricia Watkins review Patricia Watkins
Not sure yet if like before loved it
Ricardo Leyva review Ricardo Leyva
Deal with it
It is fun bitches
Gigglesinloveable review Gigglesinloveable
I completed an offer for free coins and never received them and when I try to register this though the missing coins part it says there's no suitable offers? From a very unhappy player ?
fernando burela review fernando burela
My Fun
Total Relax
Rifana Kv review Rifana Kv
Not bad
Stephen Ensor review Stephen Ensor
Coindozer world tour
Madeline Griffin review Madeline Griffin
Good game
Drea Rahming review Drea Rahming
LG Tribute
Love it love it
Tim Tee review Tim Tee
Full screen ads while game isn't running!
Stop the full screen intrusive ads and I'll give the game 5 stars. There's already an ad on the bottom of the screen all the time!
Cliff Shepherd review Cliff Shepherd
Good game
Yes it is a good game but like all games it could have Don better..
Cliff Scurlock review Cliff Scurlock
The amount of ads is ridiculous