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From the makers of the smash-hit Coin Dozer, downloaded by over 10,000,000 players!

COOKIE DOZER comes straight from your favorite arcade or fair park and onto your Android! The game you’ve spent countless hours playing, now in the palm of your hand! No change needed. Push delicious chocolate chip cookies and treats into your hands by dropping some from your jar into the machine. Watch out though! Try not to push them off the sides and back into the oven. Collect cupcakes, chocolates, pies and more for special bonuses or even more cookies! It’s ok if your cookies run out, more will be flying out of the oven and into your jar very soon Keep checking back to complete your collection of sweets!

Cookie Dozer brings your favorite gameplay elements from dozer games and adds some sugar and spice! Out of coins in other games? Take a break and come play Cookie Dozer! There is a fresh new batch of cookies fresh from the oven!

Features include:

- Yummy 3-D graphics

- 36 prizes to collect

- Amazingly realistic physics

- Over 40 cookies and treats!

- Lots of special effects

More updates coming soon!

Cookie Dozer APK reviews

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Stephanie Cheng review Stephanie Cheng
No way
I know you updated the game and all, but I remember the treats were worth way more than 2 - 4 cookies - Snowflake cookies were worth 10 as well!
Darrick WU review Darrick WU
Ad simulator
So, many players reported not getting their cookies after a purchase. Why do you think nobody buys cookies. This is why the developer puts in ads that go so far to block the whole screen. Yes this is a method of income, however you need to respect your players, regardless of whether or not they pay. Give players what they bought, and get rid of pop up ads. Also: give us more sugar per jar.
Andra Parry review Andra Parry
Why won't Samsung Galaxy note 4 open this app ?
I played this game on my Samsung Galaxy 3 no problem but when I upgraded my phone this app will not? It's says unfortunately this app has stopped. Please HELP I really like this game.
Denise Parker review Denise Parker
One thing wrong with this is to many ads pop up and its really boring theres nothing to do really so I advice not to get these games well some are good but this one is okay but not really you know thanks for reading my comment bless you all have a good day and let the Lord be standing by you Thanks by the way it's true
John Pastorelli review John Pastorelli
On my Note 4 this game won't open. I have known about this game since 2010 and now I can't play it. Please fix it!
Natalie Pitman review Natalie Pitman
Had this game on ios years ago and I hate that after restarting all the cookies are perfectly lined up and not how you left them! You have to waste loads of cookies to get them close to the edge again! This was a problem back then too and needs to be fixed.
Sujata Kala review Sujata Kala
No more challenges!!
The game is addictive. I have achieved all the challenges given. Need more challenges in the game to continue playing it.. Please add more challenges in the game..
Shannon Harrington review Shannon Harrington
I think it's an amazing game :-) it's a good thing to play if u like money machines u will like this game ;-)
katrina huffman review katrina huffman
Cant play
It says infortunately cookie dozer has stopped please fix, galaxy note 4, have your other dozers they play fine
Burgundy Young review Burgundy Young
Always with the reset
New updates cause the cookies to reset on the board... Not fond of this... Takes all the saved cookies to bring down one cookie... Why can't cookies stay put when shut off?
lala lue review lala lue
Sorta fun
Sucks cause wasnt on for long time. Got notification that cookies regenerated to over 40 went on game and there were none.
Melinda Johnson review Melinda Johnson
So much fun
I really like this game as well as your other ones too. I've tried lots of other coin dozer games and none of them come close to being as good as yours. Thank you for developing such fun games
Adam Tong review Adam Tong
Passing time
For me, great app for passing the time when you have nothing else to do. My opinion is that when offline, cookies should regenerate at the same time as when you are online.
Abigail Frank review Abigail Frank
Like the game works fine
But y'all need to tone the ads down if I don't touch my screen for like 3 seconds a stupid ad pops up n just bout every time I open my treat menu up an ad pops up which I don't mind as much. But still tone down the ads.
Alex Fish-Lubniewski review Alex Fish-Lubniewski
Mmm, cookies.
These games are weirdly addictive. My completionist urge requires that I get all treats, of course, so there's a lot of value here. The hypnotic cookies make me hungry, but the increasingly-obnoxious ads detract from my ability to zone out and "munch."