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Construct the ultimate deck with an amazing horde of Heroes and magical Creatures to save a threatened kingdom. With hundreds of cards to collect, every deck is unique. Feast your eyes on spectacular HD graphics, get lost inside thrilling battles, and delve into majestic and mysterious lore!

War has come to the world of Deck Heroes! The Neander, Human, Faen, and Mortii are marching into battle! Build your very own faction from Heroes of all races, and lead them to glory! Enter the world of Deck Heroes: Legacy!

✔ Non-Stop Gaming!
Innovative game play, endless battles, and countless tactics are guaranteed to have you hooked!
✔ Worlds at War
Align your army with the four factions - Human, Fae, Mortii, and Neander.
✔ Magnificent Artwork!
Elegant and exquisite designs paired with flamboyant, vibrant colors bring your Hero and Creature cards to life!
✔ Adventure Calls!
Intricately detailed maps, mazes, trials, and more, await those brave wanderers!
✔ Global Action!
Millions of gamers worldwide experience the suspense of a thrilling card adventure!
✔ Adrenaline Pumping Action!
Raids, competitions, and more; this is a player versus player haven!


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Myrra Jeannel Failanza review Myrra Jeannel Failanza
Played a couple if hour then got bored. .it is fun in the early but getting strong cards is so hard.. Pay to win.
Michael Hurley review Michael Hurley
Enjoy the game
Take your time in this game. Will take sometime to get gems,if you do not buy some. Play the game in moderation and you will be just fine.
Nate Yount review Nate Yount
It's pretty good
It's a lot more than I expected. At its core, it is easily an RPG, but with the fundamentals of a trading card game. So far, I am happily surprised
Tim Victor review Tim Victor
Good game
Everyone complains how hard it is to get high star creature. I've played for a day and have 3
Jose Ortiz review Jose Ortiz
For all gamers
Just started playing and already I can't put my phone down. Great Game!
Gregory Puryear review Gregory Puryear
The loading time sucks
The loading time on this game sucks when I was starting the game up it was loading until the game reach 60% then the game frozen DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME BECAUSE THE LOADING TIME SUCKS BIG TIME
Amy Rhymes review Amy Rhymes
Good game
Good game, easy play and great looking cards
Anthony Powers review Anthony Powers
I'm actually surprised with how quickly I became hooked on this game. I love MTG and this has the same feel to it. So far I thoroughly enjoy the gameplay, though I wish things didn't cost so many gems!
Michelangelo Segovia review Michelangelo Segovia
Not bad but hardcore pay to win.
pay to win tcg, cards are unbalanced and multiple resurrection cards make some players near impossible to beat. You can also tell who pays for cards, since a lot of special cards are really rare or cannot obtain via free methods. It's not bad to kill time though.
thil sen review thil sen
Its really good game...but need to some improvement otherwise its nice game for time pass
jason gillett review jason gillett
Addictive and fun
Addictive game, easy to pick up and play. So far have not even thought about spending real world money so good sign.
Davontay Dirosier review Davontay Dirosier
Better than expected much better than some other card games and has a lot of things to do to keep you active
Yugi Moto review Yugi Moto
I like the game its really addicting and also really generous unlike other games that swallow your wallet
Tom Hughes review Tom Hughes
This is so I get gems but it's really more a 4 star good graphics good time waster. All round a good one.
Brian Hackett review Brian Hackett
Tons of free stuff
No need to pay unless your greedy