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ES Chromecast plugin
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Chromecast plugin for ES File Explorer.
You need ES File Explorer to work.
This is the first version, welcome any comments, suggestions, bug reports.

ES Chromecast plugin APK reviews

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David Segelstein review David Segelstein
Worked great, didn't work for awhile, now works again. Must have been Chromecast firmware.
benny b review benny b
When I try to play a video to chromecast (mp4) it says its failed, but there were times where it somehow started working after leaving it connected for a few minutes. Not sure how to make it work everytime, need a fix.
Sarang Satish review Sarang Satish
Good... But some bugs to be ironed out.
No issues with the app except for some lag issues. But I'm sure you'll fix that with some optimization. The main problem is the player controller in the notification bar. Doesn't close even after I've exited the app. Also, sometimes there are two of them. Add avi support URGENTLY! Please fix this for 5 stars
Alberto Grajales review Alberto Grajales
Was good but not now
I don't know what they changed but the plug in does not work at all. Everything else connects to my chromecast except this. Plz fix
Robin Stark review Robin Stark
I was using this brilliant app to cast from my Android phone to TV and its just stopped working. Support didn't even answer me. Shame, used to love this app
Sjors de Wildt review Sjors de Wildt
Stopped working
Worked great streaming files to Chromecast and stopped working. Operation failed it says. Too bad
Coletan Manchester review Coletan Manchester
Having issues
It used to work seamlessly but now it takes the Chromecast app minutes to launch. Why is this? It was working fine before.
Maurice V review Maurice V
No longer works
Ask of a sudden it stopped working. Uninstalled reinstalled tried on 2 different Chromecast but keeps failing
Karan Khanna review Karan Khanna
I love the plugin but it has stopped working with latest firmware upgrade of chromecast. Any one planning for a fix?
William Swinburne review William Swinburne
No longer works.
Used to work like a charm, absolutely loved it; suddenly stops working at all. Needs fixing as it was a good app. :(
Karl Williams review Karl Williams
Sometimes casting works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it tells you why, other times not so much. ES file Explorer is wonderful, but this plugin is busted and needs work.
dean brickland review dean brickland
Works great.
Not very polished and could have more functionality but works great. Dont expect a flawless experience.
Yungly Ngo review Yungly Ngo
Pretty good
Needs a few tweaks but overall really good.
Sai Chandra review Sai Chandra
Great utility
Now I don't have to files from my tablet to USB and plugin to my TV to play local videos. Quite convenient. Looking for an update that plays .avi files too
Andy Leung review Andy Leung
Audio Track Support
Will get my last star if it supports audio track selection. I've tried other apps, none of them has it.