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Manage your Facebook Page, right from your phone. With the Pages Manager app you can stay informed and respond to customers immediately.

Mobile posting: post updates and manage your Page without using a computer.

Messages: read and reply to messages that your customers send to your Page.

Facebook and Instagram: link your accounts to manage Facebook messages, comments on your posts and Instagram comments in one inbox.

Push notifications: get alerts about important activity, and see all of your Page notifications in one place.

Insights: track promotions, stats and activity on your Page so you can build your business.

Anyone who manages a Facebook Page can download and use this app for free.

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Matthew Ball review Matthew Ball
I really need another app to control Facebook?
One star for what ever this crap being needed on top of two separate apps, Facebook and messenger! Facebook takes up so much data for doing relatively little. Stop trying to be clever Facebook, keep it simple, and make time to work on standards rather than cheap data bloating "novelty " ideas
Christopher Doyle review Christopher Doyle
Won't even open
Just downloaded and installed. It won't even open. All I get is a black screen. Meanwhile, I can't manage pages from the app. You have to log in to fb to do that! Epic fail fb!
Prasaad Joshi review Prasaad Joshi
Nice but would love improved one
Great help for soneone like me who manages more than 3 to 4 accounts. Yes certainly few issues are there in this app. At times crashes; many a times when we need it badly for any update. During such kjnda tricky time if we stop notifications, clear data n reinstall the app then it starts behaving better. *** Lot Better Awaited
kazanyemmi review kazanyemmi
Oh good lord allow to disable the notification noise. You can't change it to vibrate and the volume is ALL THE WAY UP. alot of people in china blow up our page trying to sell us wholesale product and they constantly wake me up at 3-4 am and its annoying.
Mario Gonzalez review Mario Gonzalez
There's a minor bug issue I have where it sends me notifications from comments that other people made a few hours ago. Its quite misleading when trying to keep up with your own posts.
Brooke Ottley review Brooke Ottley
Pretty basic
I'm not sure why a separate Pages app is necessary. Also I can't seem to access the activity log to approve posts.
Kevin Foo review Kevin Foo
Keep forcing the app stops
Nowadays, once I keep opening the pages manager and it keep forcing the app stopped working everytime. There's no problem since the last update haven't installed. Useless, dumb, wasting time and rubbish app I ever had.
Lauren Armstrong review Lauren Armstrong
Use to be a good app but the update sucks!
I got the update and now I kind of hate this app, I miss all the old stuff like being able to schedule stuff in advance no you can only schedule posts and not photos. Please bring back the old stuff. Please bring back the feature where if your going to schedule a photo you can still put it in an album!!!!!! Also bring back the feature for if you need to save a post as a draft you can!!!!!
Saiyan Warrior Girl review Saiyan Warrior Girl
Black screen. Not responding
Upon opening the app, I get a black screen, not able to do anything and it messes up my phone. Tried this several times even after turning off my phone. App is not working while it should be as I used it before only had to uninstall it because of memory issues but after reinstalling it, it doesn't work at all. (I have a samsung S4) please see if you can fix this. Ty.
Carol Haggard review Carol Haggard
It needs to work!!! I can't get any messages! I can't change anything! It sits around like a stump and won't do any work. Its like hiring a lazy brother-in-law! Phooey.
Azizah Syed Haron review Azizah Syed Haron
No albums
I cannot promote my page after the updates and when I add a photo I can no longer choose the album to add it into, goes directly to timeline, nvr had this problem before, please fix this
Dustin Behan review Dustin Behan
Awesome! Best white screen I've ever seen!
Totally glad I downloaded 30 something megabytes worth of a white screen. Good job guys!
Aimee McNeil review Aimee McNeil
Sugar Hill Ranch
Easy to use for anyone. User friendly, easy navigation,and a great way to advertise for your business. I own a ranch, equine training facility and riding instruction program, and this is my hand held communication engine. Love it! Much easier and smoother than using Facebook alone!
Alex Munoz review Alex Munoz
Doesn't work
Unless it is designed to upset and frustrate. In which case five stars
John Carr review John Carr
Giving Android a bad name
So many options missing from here that apple ios version has the option to share a post from your page to a group, I can't find how to do it here. Please developers quit writing apps better on apple, it seems like you're been paid to make android apps less convenient.