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Collect cute animals, plant and grow crops with friends as you build the greatest farm around! Even you can create your own animals!

ATTENTION! Happy Farm:Candy Day is a free to play game, but some items and features can also be accessed using real money. If you do not wish to use these features, please configure your settings in your Google lay Store app and set up password protection for purchases.
NOTE: A network connection is required to play.

Happy Farm is a totally new farming experience with more pets and larger farm land for your Android device. Come and build your own dream farm, feed your pets and exchange gifts with thousands of other players online!

• Free to play!
• Bigger farm land!
• More animals than any other farming game!
• Easy to grow crops,feed animals!
• Create new animal with your friends and family!
• Send flowers to your friends and family!
• Supports over 20 languages including English, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
• Supports Facebook login, so you can easily find your friends!
• Win special free gifts every day via our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pocketfarm.hd

Note: A network connection is required to play Happy Farm.
To contact customer service with any questions, please send email to [email protected], for feedback.

Happy Farm:Candy Day APK reviews

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marawan haggag review marawan haggag
Connection error
Can't play game, kick out because of connection? ?
Nadine Martin review Nadine Martin
App won't open.
I love this game but for some reason it will not load, saying that the internet connection is bad. This app just really needs an update, especially since it's almost fall and there is snow in the game. Please fix the issue.
Danielle Bryant review Danielle Bryant
Connection problem?
I love this game, but for the past couple of days, it will not let me play it. It keeps saying that it's losing connection to the internet, even though it has just been paid so that shouldn't be the issue. I've also tried turning my phone off and back on multiple times.. Can you please see if you can fix this problem? I love this game and I would really like to play it again, I have animals to feed! Don't let them starve! Lol
Stephen Butler review Stephen Butler
I spent all this money to have an app that u can't play and when u contact them they won't even get back to u. Well now I'm doing something about it cause they are nothing but greedy people that run this app !!!!!!
Thomas Fort review Thomas Fort
Ok this is crazy i have not been able to play my game for 2 days now I'm missing out on a LOT it keeps saying connection report and wont open!! Please fix asap so i can play my game!!!!
Cheung Hoi Ki Nikki review Cheung Hoi Ki Nikki
Recent connection problem is irritating me
I have been playing this game for 2 years and i am suffering from the connection problem fot these few days but i am quite sure that my connection is perfect. I cannot start the game and i can take care of my farm. I guess there is a server error??? Can someone please help me to solve this problem?
App disappeared
Update 09/09/15... I purchased gems on 09/03/15 and didnt get them. I have emailed 3 times, messaged through the app and facebook, and messaged through google wallet to get my gems or a refund with no response still. Very unhappy!!!! I had this on my tablet and phone. I tried to update on my tablet and it says not compatible with my device and removed my app!!!! I had it on there before trying to update and I was able to update on my phone. I have a Samsung galaxy tab 4. Android is 4.2.2.
kayla rubem review kayla rubem
Great game, but...
It restarts way too much. Always blaming my internet connection,which is not even a real issue. That really sucks cause I actually really like the game. Please fix that and I'll happily change my rate
Denitria Waiters review Denitria Waiters
Love it but restarts every few seconds
I'm addicted to this game but now I'm on level 48 and it keeps restarting because of an Internet connection error. The Internet on my phone is fine and I tried force stopping the app but that didn't work,and I'm afraid to uninstall and reinstalling it because I don't want to lost anything. There's also a problem with Turkeys and the Christmas theme. I have never been able to get turkeys since downloading the game months ago and the Christmas theme is still up.
travis breckenridge review travis breckenridge
Connection problem
Keeps kicking me off saying "Internet connection" also is been almost a year since we've had a new update. Don't waste your money buying gems cuz you won't see your gem or get your money back. Either the maker gave up on the game or they don't care. Fix these issues, update.....
Breeana Skipper review Breeana Skipper
Hello is anyone running this game??
.. Now it keeps on losing internet connection and I know it's not that. People I know play this and they are having the same problem
Faith Loomis review Faith Loomis
Not to sound redundant of you've read the other comments but I've paid this game for 2 years, almost daily. BIG ISSUES HERE. Multiple attempts for help from customer service yet still no response. Can no longer request items from friends without game freezing, turkey unavailable yet I can still make envelopes and need to fill orders, no rope for the fishing pond given, etc. Forces you to spend money but thankfully I haven't as it seems people are being screwed over that have. SHAME on the developer.
Gretchen Webb review Gretchen Webb
In ap orders paid for and not recd
Ive played for a long time and enjoyed it. NO MORE!! They have actually stolen money from me...$26 for 3 orders that they never filled. The WORST PART...they have not responded to 13 emails and messages. I saw some posts of other gamers who have the same problem. I think google should boot them out!
Vanessa Ma review Vanessa Ma
you got some typos at least I think so and the game doesn't always respond
instead of chicken it said chioken and when I click the app it either let's me in or says that it isn't responding
shannon Randall review shannon Randall
Something is wrong
I use to be a level 38 and now I'm a level 13 I would like to know what happened and why I wasn't reimbursed