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Horse Frenzy
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You’re off to the races in HORSE FRENZY!
Just like you remember from the fair, carnival, or arcade! Roll the ball into the holes to race your horse against the opponents, but now with a twist!
Not only do you take your horse to the track to race, but you must also train and feed your horses in their stable! Win coins as you race to buy different horses to train and raise them into derby winners! Feed and care for them to become the best trainer in Horse Frenzy! Fun for both kids and adults!
Climb the rankings, win your league, and fill your trophy shelf!
✩ Easy to play, but much to do!
✩ Collect many different horses, including the cowboy, pirate, ninja, unicorn, princess, black beauty and others, with more to come!
✩ With each new level gained, more horses are unlocked along with special gifts and power-ups!
✩ Horses come with special abilities that you can increase with training!
✩ Receive bonuses during the races!
✩ Multiple leagues to conquer, with more coming soon!
✩ Compete against 50+ horses for coins and prizes!
✩ Feed, train, and race your way to the top!

Updates are coming soon!

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Horse Frenzy APK reviews

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Megan Naughton review Megan Naughton
Love bowling, but love this more
Great fun to kill a short while!
A Google User review A Google User
Reminds me of the time I used to spent at kennywood playing this game...I wish we could obtain more than two horses on this game :( other than that its good
Shari Lane review Shari Lane
Yeah its OK. ......
The game itself is fun, it's just the wait for apples that's annoying. Only being able to do two races is frustrating.
Tracey Whitfield review Tracey Whitfield
Love game concept, needs tweaking.
Great no brainer game. Just like the fair! Wish there were more opportunities to win or buy apples and horse shoes. Major negative is that u must REBUY horses u have already bought if u wanna switch to a fresh horse to race. PLEASE FIX THIS! Once u buy a horse.....U should b allowed to access it again free!
Nat D review Nat D
Fun... for a while.
Repetitive, but kinda fun... except once you get to level 40 the game just stops giving you experience points, I'm guessing I could keep playing indefinitely, but continuing to play with no hope of making any progress seems futile. Thanks, but I'm uninstalling now.
Rebecca King review Rebecca King
It is OK wish it would stop kicking me out though and having to reload
Sarah Saunders review Sarah Saunders
Fab but..
Waiting for Apples to be able to race is both irritating and unwarranted
Willis Fraley review Willis Fraley
Very good game. Doesnt cost. Why cant we go past lev 40.
Fun game racing horses. I have 1053 first places, 123 second and 77 3rd places. Randall is my main horse. He seldom finishes second. YEA. About to finish the B ball lg. Last one to max game. Finally a good honest non ripp off game. Excellent!!!been 2 months still csnt go past level 40. Bummer
Lori Hansen review Lori Hansen
Was working great but suddenly it won't let me complete a race, kicks me right out. Bummer.
Brian Hoch review Brian Hoch
Super fun game. Would be better if you could get more than 3 races before you need to let them rest
Abigail Page review Abigail Page
Keeps freezing. Then boots me out of the game and takes all my energy from my horses. Will give 5 stars once fixed as i love this game
Sheila Squires review Sheila Squires
You can't read the writing, it is to small. I even tried a magnifying glass, still no help. Until they fix this problem leave it alone
Sydney Jeurink review Sydney Jeurink
It shut down my phone....
Gavin Weise review Gavin Weise
I love this game there is only one thing though you run out of apples too quickly so save them up
Frankee Barbagallo review Frankee Barbagallo
I love this shizknicds it's pucking great hellz yea and you people are complaining you have to pay for Apple's wow stop BITC*ING about it and suck it up it says in app purchases stop being cheap thank you