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The HTC Service Pack is a support service update that combines previously released updates and helps make your HTC experience more reliable. Service packs are provided free of charge. Make sure you install the latest service pack to help keep your HTC experiences up to date.

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HTC Service Pack APK reviews

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Tamiris Babikian review Tamiris Babikian
WARNING! Be weary of good reviews because this new update is terrible and this is my second review of the new update so that the HCT staff understand that the battery draining problem isn't the only issue. It still drains all of my batteries with power save mode, even extreme power save mode and no apps running in the background. Other problems with this update are: my phone is extremely slow and almost unresponsive. Not to mention the new features and layout are awful. I detest so many things about this update that when I begin to make a list of everything that is wrong, it makes me want to throw my phone at the wall. I have never had problems like this before and it's overly frustrating! Just please fix these problems. I'm not the only one going through these issues and we shouldn't have to sit here and hate our phones because of a faulty update. Don't listen to the good reviews! They are lies! HTC One M7
Laurie Valenti review Laurie Valenti
HTC m9
I HATE THIS PHONE! ESPECIALLY THE HIDDEN AUTO CORRECT!!! I SPEND MORE TIME FIXING THE CORRECT WORDS IT CHANGES THEN I DO TEXTING AND I TEXT ALOT! The volume isn't load enough, I can't seem to block text messages I don't want to receive, hate it. The only thing I do like is the size of the key board.
Sameh Barakat review Sameh Barakat
Its a pleasure to use HTC
I got my new htc one m8 three weeks ago and it was over heating seriously but after i updated all the apps and this one too now the phone works perfectly and no heating issues anymore just the normal thing when you play GAMES for 45 to 60 min with high quality graphics it gets HOT but as for the normal use its amazing and the battery charging is amazing and the phone last for 34 hours with moderate use :data connection & wifi are always on & screen brightness is over 65% so i think its a fare deal (thx HTC)
Allison Morris review Allison Morris
I loved my HTC! :(
My issues aren't with the battery but with all the updates and having to reboot my phone 5x's.. dropped calls missed calls, no text messages going out or coming in, can't talk for out bound calls or in coming calls unless I use the Speaker. Phone kept shutting off by it self. I took care of my phone, no water damage no cracked screen NEVER DROPPED!! Loved my HTC :(
Abrie De Villiers review Abrie De Villiers
Installed, no problems experienced on M8
I was very nervous to install the update after reading all the negative comments. I had been experiencing some of the problems people were writing about BEFORE installing the update and after reading HTC's comments on the complaints I realised it might be that people's phone problems might be unrelated to the update. My phone is actually faster now and I'm not experiencing any battery problems.
Lynn Dismuke review Lynn Dismuke
It has been downloading for 6 days or more .dumbest thing I ever saw. Has my cell acting crazy. Call for help no results. Report .got no help. Once you buy this phone .you basically have no help .got my money and said. Skrew you .Your on your own. Blah blah blah.Ughhhh I hate cell phones for the rest of my life. Thanks a lot HTC. And cricket
Jake Koss review Jake Koss
Kills battery
This update definitely kills ur battery life, I would lose less than 5% of my battery all day when I kept it in my car at work, around 8-9 hours without use, now after update I have lost almost 10% without using my phone at all and I'm only half way through my work day, I don't have any apps running or anything like that so something is definitely going on , it's bad enough battery life for phones is short but now it's even worst ,I'm am pretty upset about this and hope this issue is resolved.
Steven Genskay review Steven Genskay
Phone was stable and working fine. Kept getting pop ups to download latest update and finally broke down thinking it'd be fine. Currently in process of factory reset. Just a few hours after installing update my phone started getting google play store stopped spam, almost near constant pop ups. Tried clearing cache, tried rebooting, stopping services, and nothing is working. So thanks. Second update within a year you made my phone unusable. (2 updates when phone calls couldn't be made, and this performance update.)
Christopher Tomcho review Christopher Tomcho
HTC, please take a look at this "service pack", it did nothing to improve battery life or my experience with my phone. Most games now crash my phone after installation, my battery life on my One Max went from 6+ hours of gaming/etc while on the road, to 4 or less. I have to keep my phone plugged in CONSTANTLY even while at home. I randomly lose wifi, and a reboot does not fix it. Forgetting my wireless at home, and reconnecting does not fix it. An actual factory reset is required, but then after reinstallation, it happens all over again. Fix this, please? While I love my One Max, I love being able to use my phone even more. Performance has gone to crap, Battery life has gone to crap, and even just swapping screens, causes my phone to lag horribly.
MrBEasy24 review MrBEasy24
Love it this update
It took me awhile before I clicked on this update because of all the negative comments I read, so decided to do the update and this thing is great. My battery last much longer now and the phone performs much smoother now, this update breathes new life into my htc ONE max nice!! For the life of me I don't understand all the negative comments about this update.
TheSolo38 review TheSolo38
HTC 620 sucks 610 was better
Feel conned buying the HTC 620 the 610 was much better 620 is crap no notification light no twin speakers sounds poor and the sound from the headphones is a bigger let down the only difference is a slightly better camera disappointed feel robbed! You need to boost the sound because there's no boost the 610 beats this rubbish hands down!
Nelson J Cintron Jr review Nelson J Cintron Jr
Message problems
For the last month I had to force stop my default message because it repeatedly sends the same picture over 100+ times a day. How do I fix this. Why can't I uninstall or disable it? HTC one m7 with everything updated
damon martinez review damon martinez
Now I'm wanting a new phone
The mid update was fine and actually helped the phone but now, my battery charges very slowly and depletes very quickly, less than a day now. My Bluetooth headsets don't connect anymore, have to manually connect each time. Other annoyances that ruin the enjoyment of this phone, M8. Starting to wish I didn't get an HTC phone.
Paul Downey review Paul Downey
Have installed latest update n can only describe it in one word. BOBBINS! For those who don't understand Northern English vernacular, it means Rubbish, Horrible, useless or being crude, Crap! Battery now running away with itself n for some unexplained reason, my WiFi keeps switching itself on n off! Hate Samsung phones but having stuck with HTC for several years, I'm seriously considering switching over to Samsung for my next upgrade (7 months time)! Only yourselves to blame HTC!
Olivier Koubaissi review Olivier Koubaissi
Had an m7 and an m8 both processors on them burnt out....the m7 I had to pay to have it repair and the m8 I 've sent to the HTC subcontractor in Canada future tel .....even though I had provided proof of valid guaranty to HTC and they had insured me that it would be covered for the m8 this time round ,their subcontractor call me to ask for around 400$ to fix it ....when confronted with my version of the guaranty involved the lady asked me to send her the proof. It has now been 9 days and still no phone!