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iHeartRadio has a brand new app that provides the most popular kids music in one FREE app! iHeartRadio Family also features music from today’s most popular acts like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Sam Hunt, Kelsea Ballerini and Dan + Shay on great stations like Radio Disney Jr., iHeartCountry Kids, and Wonderground Radio. Plus music from characters that kids know and love from hit shows on Nickelodeon, Disney, PBS and more.

Your Children’s Favorite Characters Are Now on One Free Radio App!

iHeartRadio Family has the best radio programs for kids. Get stations featuring top characters like:

- Dora The Explorer
- Elmo
- Thomas the Train
- Austin & Ally

Sing along to fun songs heard on TV or choose shows that will help your child learn important facts or listen to soothing music before bedtime. With our easy-to-use app, your children can spend their time in a safe, productive and fun way.

Our radio shows are specifically chosen to be:

- Entertaining
- Educational
- Safe

iHeartRadio Family APK reviews

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Midnight_stars review Midnight_stars
This is good for me and my sis cuz we love this app! So I thought why not get ir on my phone! Abd that's what I did. And so I think that u should get it plays so meany songs and u don't know what it will be know what it is so that's why i think that you people should get it
Family Tablet review Family Tablet
Keeps saying there isn't a Internet connection but it's definitely connected to the Internet. So every time we both the app it closes and says no Internet connection. All of the other apps work just fine.
Whitley Jenkins review Whitley Jenkins
This app has so many bugs. We used to have to restart 2x to play because it crashed upon opening. Then it says I have no network connection but yet the other iheart apps work fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still no results.
A Google user review A Google user
In the past few days, they have removed every station I listen to. There is nothing for tweens and older now, only music for little kids. Forget IHeartRadio Family... More like IHeartRadio Toddlers. Deleting this app.
Stephanie Barber review Stephanie Barber
I'm not able to hear any music when I tap on a specific category. I re- downloaded the app but still has not fixed the problem. Also it kicks me out. Please fix, maybe I'll retry later on.
Vicki Murchison review Vicki Murchison
I can't even open the app anymore. Please fix. I have no issues with my other IHEART radio app.
Tonya Myers review Tonya Myers
It keeps saying no connection to the server and kicked my daughter out.. We have WiFi and her tablet is connected to it. Please FIX this!!!
Chanté Burns review Chanté Burns
I wish, as a parent, it was more customizable to what I'm ok with (what stations he listens to). I'd like to be able to take some stations off. As of 1/19/17 this is saying not connected to Internet.. it is
Amanda Nolan review Amanda Nolan
I've tried to use it for the lullaby station but after each song, it crashes. I'm uninstalling it because it is too much trouble.
Jesse A review Jesse A
I have the Samsung Galaxy s7 it stop working. When it works it's good for kids but plays a lot of the same song before it brings up a new one.
Sharon Wingard review Sharon Wingard
I am not one to listen to other talk in the morning, period! This show starts my Monday thru Friday every day and the talking doesn't bother me. Would really love to have more of Bobby Bone's rather than later in evening, Ty and whomever (Jack Wagons) bunch of idiots and they're really suck! That's when I turn back to Kicks 99 or 88.3!
Christina Krzywicki review Christina Krzywicki
What happened to the fairy tale part? It has been part of my kids bedtime routine for a very long time. Please bring it back!
JoAnn Cisel review JoAnn Cisel
Don't limit the skips, there's songs my son loves and some either him or I don't like that we can't skip
Athena Sinski review Athena Sinski
Hey, I love this app but family doesn't just mean kid songs there's adults to and teens also kids like me that likes regular radio songs like I Really Don't Care also the songs stop when you open another app the music stops, but I can go up to the top and start it again! Could you redo that? Well, I recommend it!! ? Have a nice day!!
Ashley Huether review Ashley Huether
It's a good idea...but it would be better if I could customize the stations. There are several on the available list that are not a good fit for our family.