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Is it really over?

“My days are over” is the oft-heard cliche in the lips of many beautiful people who have been ornated with the winds of rich lifetime experiences. Do you realise that you give the world a startling image of maturity and glory? The shrunk skin, the silver hairs and the shed teeth only show the tests you’ve stood. A loud remembrance that you are still the temple of the Holy Spirit is your ignition. The older and more antique your temple gets, the more valuable it is and needs more care. The world’s value gauged on you may be at its lowest, but your selfworth depends on the price that has been paid for you at the Cross. Moses was learning till he passed away. The day you feel you’ve learnt enough and everything, you’ve begun your walk towards the end of your time. Learning and growth show life. Never stop learning. Every additional day is another God-given chance to become more like His Son. You see, it's not really over! You have much more to do.

An era dawns when you are left with no more drives, targets, responsibilities. With the feeling of not being desperately needed anymore, you slide through loneliness and land in the pit of self-pity. The ‘poor-me’ pillow will not keep you or the others in your nest comfortable for long. Wake up, look at you and appreciate yourself. Draw the family tree which grew after you and see how you’ve influenced its growth and the people God has brought into your life. Let not apathy crawl in. The empty hands with nothing in particular to do can make you feel insecure. This breeds the need for control and the feeling of being controlled. Let go! Your mission now is to not hold the reins but to gracefully step aside allowing room for the generation you’ve created. You will reap respect, then.

Understanding precedes acceptance. Accepting yourself is a task. Your thoughts and ideologies don’t move with the transition. They remain valuable and are not inferior to the needs of today. You may be blind to growing childish which has its brighter and dull sides. Accept it as a part of you as long as it doesn’t cause a strain in the family. Accept the loss of your strength, sight, a loved one, independence as a part of your glory. If perhaps your desired accomplishments have not been fulfilled yet, don’t carry the guilt of incompletion. Pass on your desire to the following generation. Accept God’s will for you. Don’t neglect your physical appearance. Stay clean, take time to dress well and feel smart.

Accepting others is a challenge. The differences and the radical changes may seem threatening or even wrong. Relax and learn to appreciate the differences. Being adamant on having things done your way will not take you closer to the family. Uninvited interference will not be loved. Respect their privacy. Watch them do, allow to learn from mistakes, don’t try to overprotect and you’ll find your stress level dropping down. That’s healthy. Refrain from "old wives tales." Holding back your negative emotions such as anger should be your discipline. There happens an ocean of changes between generations.

Spend time in reviewing the relationships you’ve built over a lifetime. Allow the Holy Spirit to surface the need for reconciliation. Mend strained relationships with forgiveness and release it verbally either through a letter or a phone call or in person. Reconcile with God. You will experience a release when the buried guilt is being lifted off.

Believe that, in death is perfect healing. Our culture and manmade perspectives view death in the negative sense. Change your outlook on death and see it through God’s eyes. The death of the Lord’s saints is precious (Psa 116:15). This belief helps you deal with the pain when statements such as “We wish you die soon” are thrown at you. Face death without fear (Psa 23:4).

Saul faced death, the same way he faced life (1 Sam 13:4). He took matters into his own hands without thinking of God or asking for His guidance. If our lives are not the way we would like them to be now, we can't assume that change will come easily later. When nearing death, we will respond to God the same way we have been responding all along. Facing death on its face will show what we are really like. How do you want to face death? Start facing life that way now.

Many fear death because they can neither control or understand it. Be assured that God will not forget us when we die (Psa 16:10). This provides real security. Death is the door way into eternal life (Heb 2:14,15).
It is not wise to avoid thinking about death and be reluctant to attend funerals. Solomon encourages us to think clearly, using the time extended to us for change, examination and confession. It makes sense to plan ahead to experience God's mercy, rather than His justice (Eccl 7:2,4)

Embrace your age. Old age is never a barrier to being used by God. Our society often glorifies the young and strong and sets aside those who are older. But wisdom that comes with experience is a treasure you possess. Age does not disqualify or excuse you from serving God. “When Joshua was old and well advanced in years, the Lord said to him, ‘You are very old, and there are still very large areas of land to be taken over’ ” (Josh 13:1). Your commission is to bear spiritual fruit (Psa 92:14). Seek out an opportunity to share your experiences with the Lord and challenge someone to new heights of spiritual growth. Anna, the prophetess, ministered until she was eightyfour (Lk 2:36).

Your lifestyle, testimony, influences and the impressions you leave behind live after you, perhaps with more power. You can’t see God’s stopwatch. Continue to live. Live it to the fullest! The world needs you! Your time is not over yet!


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