The Better Everyday Counseling is the ministry of Evangeline Jones, a Christian Psychologist, dedicated to those in need of professional help to handle psychological problems and to train mature Christian believers to be barefoot Counselors.

The Story God Gave

Proud Parents waited and waited for this precious child when her stormy arrival caught them unawares. She pushed her way out first by her shoulders and the best of doctors had to pull her out by the right shoulder to save the mother and the child. The baby turned blue and remained blue with asphyxia. She threw a bad seizure and almost said goodbye to this world. A few interns, to learn resuscitation, fiddled with the neonate when she came around. Peadiatricians broke news to the parents to expect a differently abled child and with a permanent palsy of the right arm. They took it boldly…

Another tornado zoomed in when neuro surgeons confirmed, in the child, a tumour in the brain. She was losing her vision. They quietly gathered courage for a simple burial.

God had different plans! He never said a word but strengthened her damaged arms and healed her of the tumour overnight after the operation theatres were made ready! He came in just in time just like He did to Isaac! And here she is writing to you on facebook with a face gifted by God Himself! She now works with the handicapped and the broken and challenges them to believe inspite of unbelief.

God does not always tell what He wants to do with us for a looooong time. Neither is He obliged to answer our mounting questions. It took her many many years to comprehend why He chose not to heal her handicap. He did not change His mind about Paul’s thorn, did He? This thorn today is such a blessing and speaks volumes to the onlookers that life can be faced with broad smiles, no matter what! ‘It’s easier said than done,’ is an old saying but stands real.

She struggled as she journeyed through life, to carry the stigma of being a left-hander in the Indian Tamil culture and still does sometimes. But, she has learnt to look at its brighter side and never to enjoy and sleep on the comfort of the sympathy that came along with it.

The prayers and assuring prophesies of many anchored the faith of the family.

Questions? Questions? Yes, they had umpteen. Why? Why me? Why this challenge to a family that served God with its everything? Why the long years of pain and uncertainty? Would this end at all?...Some of these were answered and most were not. They learnt to understand God’s silence. They did not try to understand every move of God but accepted it with the grace He gave…because troubles produced perseverance, perseverance character and character, hope…a hope that never disappointed them(Rom5:3)!

This little girl had a special relationship with God and asked Him a big question. He answered now. “Why did you heal me, Lord?” was the million dollar question. “What do I give you in return?” Hannah gave back to God what she held most precious when God answered her prayer. It was her son. The question came to her. She didn’t think much before she told the Lord that she would give Him her life which was most precious. Since then she comes alongside people to face life’s challenges. The Lord turned her life around and she goes around being a people helper! She simply listened to the words, “Go and tell your friends the great things the Lord has done for you” (Mk 5:19). To comfort the troubled, with the comfort she herself received from God was her mission statement (2 Cor 1:4). She assists her dad in his ministry of writing. The road she travelled had pebbles and poking gravels but it was those rocks that shaped her to what she is today.
Her aching parents were strong for her as she did her post graduation in Psychology and an advanced level counseling degree with honors in Europe. If God can turn the life of a presumably retarded child into one of a Christian Psychologist, He can bring treasures out of your darkness, too.

Life is never a cake-walk…it’s never easy…often unkind…but don’t you dare give up! Keep going. Stay strong. Hold on to the Lord. The tough get going when the going gets tough. Learn to wait. Take the Word in as much as you can. Paint it against the curtain of your life. It will give it the best backdrop perspective. Listen to Him. Make friends. Keep busy. Tell neighbors of how you have enjoyed God’s smile in your life. Let them see your courage backed by reality.

Grace! Grace! Grace! She loved that word. It was grace that has brought her thus far!

This is my story! Shout out yours aloud, it may be somebody’s turning point!

A wounded healer,



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