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Buy products for the best prices with free shipping!

What's new:
1. It just got easier to make in-app purchases with Joom! Personalized product selection is now even better and smarter. The more you use the app, the more catered to your taste the list of products will be!
2. Now you can save even more when making purchases in Joom! New deals of up to 80% off on products are loaded into the app every week! Go to "Deals" and choose products for the best prices!
3. We make Joom even more convenient and easy to use with every system update! We value your opinion about our products and delivery. Leave feedback and share your opinions with us in the app
4. Joom has more than 1 000 000 products, all from verified sellers! With every new Joom app version, our product quality grows and prices stay the same!

Download our Joom app and you'll find more than 1 000 000 products of the highest quality:
• Clothing & Shoes,
• Cosmetics
• Accessories
• Electronics
• Home Products
• Toys & Gifts
Record low prices with English-speaking customer support and guaranteed delivery to US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand.

5 reasons to download Joom right now:
1. FREE SHIPPING (Absolutely all Joom orders have free delivery to all cities in US, Canada, UK, Australian, New Zealand)
2. SUPER LOW PRICES (Joom prices are much lower than the prices you can find in stores near you and in many other online stores)
3. MONEY REFUNDS FOR PURCHASES (We will refund your money if you don't receive your package, the goods are damaged or do not correspond to the description)
4. CUSTOMER SUPPORT IN ENGLISH (all of your questions about purchases, refunds, delivery, etc. will be handled in your native language)
5. REVIEWS AND RATINGS FROM REAL CUSTOMERS (All reviews in the app were written ONLY by real customers. You can leave feedback about orders and share your opinions as well)

• Every new customer receives a 10% discount on their first purchase in the app
• Only high-quality products! All products that appear in the Joom app have passed an inspection of quality
• We quickly learn what you love! The app adapts to your preferences and AUTOMATICALLY selects the best products in your favorite categories!

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Edna Tirado review Edna Tirado
Love it.....
The app is great good prices. The tracking system however is very poor. It also doesn't give you the option of reporting, poor products. Like if something comes back in bad quality, I guess you just gotta deal with it. That's price of getting low prices.
David Scharf review David Scharf
This is basically an online Russian swapmeet. Scrolled around for an hour and didn't find one thing I'd buy. And 75 days to receive? Is it coincidental that many credit card companies won't let you dispute a charge after 60, and they want you to wait 75 days? I feel bad for the people who use this. And the guy replying to every negative comment: just stop. You're embarrassing yourself and making your swapmeet look worse.
Darren Card review Darren Card
I have received only 3of 7 items in 1.5 months. Track pants were wrong size, size tag was cut off, see through, and back pocket ripping off. Customer service is only interested in me taking pictures of a measuring tape on track pants to make sure sizing was correct not to mention the very poor quality and workmanship of item. I do not recommend using app.
I ordered 10 items which cost just over £2 each. I was delivered 2 items! I queried it as my order history has 2 orders with 5 pieces in each and the amount i paid corroborates this (over £20 paid). Chat support are adamant i only ordered 2. I have provided screenshots proving I am correct in both my order being 10 items and the cost of each. Still being made out to be an idiot. I have asked them to explain and correct their error. Unsatisfactory responses so far. Unacceptable.
enima review enima
I was really excited to order some stuff but it won't accept my card. I have no problem shopping with the same card on other sites. Really disappointed because their stuff is a lot cheaper and they have real reviews, unlike Wish. Edit: I went through the other reviews and decided to pay via paypal. Luckily that worked, we'll see if the products arrive. South Africa's postal service is notoriously terrible. *Edit 2* One of the items I ordered reached customs in a week, then took a month to reach my post office :)
emma pilkington review emma pilkington
Not received anything yet but only recently ordered. But it's cheap and items seem of good quality. Could perhaps do with a larger range of things like a similar site wish provide, but that's only a small suggestion This site is a lot cheaper!
Parise Adadi review Parise Adadi
Please cant confirm my transactions. I can search and select all the items I want but can't confirm the payment.
Shaymabharaaty Ramani review Shaymabharaaty Ramani
Why my transaction is declined?
Tshepang David review Tshepang David
Its so awesome i love it
Флора Исмагулова review Флора Исмагулова
Love it
Ras Stone review Ras Stone
I'm in love with this app
Wisdom Martins review Wisdom Martins
The best, I used Aliexpress previously but it was always a disappointment because orders didn't come and sellers would show a very repulsive behaviors. Changing to Joom brought the best satisfaction I could ever think of. Please don't let dubious sellers come here too
Awesome! Better than wish in some ways, FREE SHIPPING SO THE PRICE IS LEGIT and some other awesome things!
Gowri Shankar review Gowri Shankar
Its really cheap and best...i loved it