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JW Language is an official app produced by Jehovah's Witnesses to help language learners improve their communication skills in the ministry and at congregation meetings. It includes phrases, pictures, and activities for language learning.

Language Selection
After installing the app, select your primary language and the language you are learning. Choose from the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Mandarin (Simplified), Chinese Cantonese (Traditional), English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Low German, Malay, Myanmar, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

• Receive encouragement to learn new words with featured content and activities
• Access recently viewed categories

• Play phrase audio in any language without downloading (while connected to the Internet)

• Learn useful vocabulary with pictures
• Explore scenes

• Play learning games in any category or collection
• Words that you get wrong are displayed more often

• Observe how different words change a sentence to help you understand the grammar and sentence structure of the language you’re learning
• Change words in sentences from singular to plural, future to past tense, and more

• Romanization is not available in Grammar at this time
• Grammar audio uses the text-to-speech feature of your device; the languages and audio can be configured in your device settings
• Grammar is available in all languages, except Arabic and Low German

JW Language APK reviews

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Jason Cullen review Jason Cullen
What an amazing way to learn a new language! I'm learning French with my 3 year old son! He loves tapping on the pictures and repeating the sound. Keep up the good work!!
Thought I would never be able to learn Chinese! With Jehovah's help and this app, I am joining a Chinese group!! 10-Q, 10-Q, 10-Q!!!
It's really a helpful tool for ministry. Thanks a lot.
Mildred De Leon review Mildred De Leon
Love it!
Maja Szewczak review Maja Szewczak
There is lots of Bulgarian is UK Northern Ireland! And the main laungage in UK and Northern Ireland is English and people in Northern Ireland don't know how to speak Bulgarian! And brothers and sisters i Northern Ireland want to preach in Bulgarian but, they don't know the laungage! And also, there is a lot of Bulgarians in my school! Please make a Bulgarian laungage preaching basics, greetings and more laungage learning pack!
Tobias Valasco review Tobias Valasco
Really useful!!!
Im learning fast and easy, and cant wait for more new features to come out, like the audio speed control.
Buki rin review Buki rin
It closes once i open it. i like the app but i want this to be seen so i can use it again. Pls fix this problem
Maricela Jaime review Maricela Jaime
This has helped me improve both my spanish and learn korean... very happy with it 감사합니다 (thank you)!?
Janar Kolk review Janar Kolk
After denying location permission, screen started flickering and I couldn't choose secondary language. Hopefully you can fix this bug asap. Otherwise this app is useless. Galaxy Note 4 Android 6.0.1
Elijah Goedert review Elijah Goedert
Please add Persian
I love the app!
Elaine Bryant review Elaine Bryant
Learning to communicate ones neighbors native tongue is a sacrifice well worth the effort and honors the Grand Communicator, Jehovah God.
Brenda Weber review Brenda Weber
JW Language
Great App! No other like it.
Arteria Janea review Arteria Janea
Great app very useful, thank you for you for all your hard work brothers
Kirsten Whitmer review Kirsten Whitmer
JW language app
I love this app! It's been a great help in learning Russian. I just wish they'd get the Kingdom tract on it. :-)
Trevon Moodley review Trevon Moodley
This app is really helpful. My children enjoy using this app to help them learn Chinese. It is really simple to use. We thank the Jehovah and the organisation for a wonderful tool