Laban Key - Simple Themes APK

Laban Key - Simple Themes
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This package consists of legacy themes extracted from the original Laban Key app. You need to install Laban Key app to use the themes from this package.

Themes included in this pack:
- Light 3D
- Pink
- Zing
- Blue
- Steel
- Gem

Laban Key - Simple Themes APK reviews

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Nguyễn Quang Minh review Nguyễn Quang Minh
Dev có thể chỉnh lại phần pop-up khi gõ của theme steal thành màu đen cho đồng bộ được không ạ?
Thang Dang review Thang Dang
I like
Charity Musa review Charity Musa
I hope its english
The last one i used was confusing and frustrating so i hope this is english.
Trunghuy La review Trunghuy La
It good
diep truong review diep truong
galaxy y
sao k cai duoc nhi hay tai k ho tro may cua minh vz
Le Trong review Le Trong
cai dat toan t.anh. bay dat qua
Triet Pham review Triet Pham
Như hạch
Trả gotiengviet lại cho người dùng. Quân mất dạy.
Wahab Amin review Wahab Amin
Thank you ;-)
Alan Nguyen review Alan Nguyen
Ngất ngây con gà tây!!
Hmmm 5stars for you guys.
Lech Lutor review Lech Lutor
Good app
The best key i have ever used
Allen John Dale Quinco review Allen John Dale Quinco
Nice app. Simple yet fantastic designs. Wishing for more theme designs.
Yên Hà Nam Cung review Yên Hà Nam Cung
very beautiful but need more themes
kevin lix review kevin lix
Love it
Very good. Make more theme for us. Tks
hein htet review hein htet
cop con review cop con
Best !!
The themes package update is amazing!!!