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Laser Pointer X2 Simulator
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Laser pointer simulated X"

Laser pointer X2 simulator is a super fun prank game free. It simulates a laser pointer on your mobile device. Prank your friends and family making them believe you have mega powerful laser pointer which can simulate cracking the screen of your phone or tablet after storing energy for 20 seconds. In order to culminate the joke electric lightning shocks are simulated on your screen after this has been cracked. Every time the user tap on the screen, several electric shocks are born from the place you touched.

This free app is just a game that simulates a laser pointer simulator. All the effects are just simulated, it simulates a real laser pointer, but it is just a simulator. No laser light comes out from your phone. The effect when the screen becomes cracked and the electric lightning on the screen, are just images and simulated effects. It is designed to joke and have fun with your friends and family. Kids and children also can have so much fun with this app. Besides the laser pointer X2 simulator, the app also includes a mini game, which is used to obtain coins and unlock the flash light feature.

The game consists of 3 main parts: the laser pointer simulated, a super cool mini game included and the more apps and games. The first time the player opens the game, only the normal laser pointer simulator is available, once you get enough coins and get the level 100 in the mini game then the super laser pointer simulated strobe flashlight feature shall be available too. Coins can be collected in several ways: passing levels (+10) in the free mini game included as part of this free app, downloading games (+500) or sharing on social networks (+200).

The laser pointer X2 simulator simulates a simple laser pointer with its corresponding laser beam. How it works is an easy matter: tap on the laser pointer and while you keep your finger on it, the laser beam flows. Keep it this way for 20 seconds and you will find out what is the result of storing green and red energy. During the process the initial green laser beam transforms into a red laser beam until the screen cracks. Then tap again and you will discover how the electric lightning comes out from wherever you touches the screen. * Remember this is a just a simlator and all the effects are simulated effects. * You can prank your kids or children with the super mega power of the laser pointer X2 simulator.

The free mini game included is a classic game which is a one tap game play game. The rules of the game are very simple: touch anywhere on the screen of your mobile device and one ball shall be thrown to the center of the central circle. The goal is to achieve that all the balls are thrown without 2 balls touching. Every 10 levels there is a monster gosht special level, which is a time based one. The player has a certain limited amount of time to pass the level. The difficulty of the game comes when there are difficult movement patterns which makes so difficult to find the way of putting all the balls on the sorrounding circumference where the initial and thrown balls move. Hundred of challenging levels are awaiting for being discovered.

Enjoy the prank app Laser Pointer X2 Simulator and have fun playing the mini game. Achieve the final goal, unlocking the strobe flash light effect. Collect 2500 coins and pass at least 100 levels to enjoy the strobe flashlight effect on this free game.

Laser Pointer X2 Simulator APK reviews

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ilovegymnastics 123 review ilovegymnastics 123
It does work
Well I downloaded this app thinking that the laser was going to do what the picture looked like it was going to do. But it didn't it only made a noise and only made it look like it will. Only the flashlights work. I wouldn't recommend this app to any one.
Hary Setiawan review Hary Setiawan
It does work Well I downloaded this app thinking that the laser was going to do what the picture looked like it was going to do. But it didn't it only made a noise and only made it look like it will. Only the flashlights work. I wouldn't recommend this app to any one.
Martina Pizarro review Martina Pizarro
Do not download
Not only does it not work it also vibrates non stop until you close the app i do not recommend it so dont waste your time i'd give it 0 stars if u could DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Ashlyn Shirley review Ashlyn Shirley
Wouldn't recommend
Thought it was going to do what it does in the picture, but not only it doesn't so won't stop vibrating until I exit the app. Don't waste your time with this
tay blanks review tay blanks
Well it's an ok app. But those people that keep saying that it 'doesn't shoot like a regular laser' need to read the description. It said that it doesn't actually shoot from your phone (not the correct quote. ?) but other than that the app is ok ? and in the picture they shouldn't have showed a laser coming from the phone because it's false. ?
Hopey Bopey review Hopey Bopey
No Lazer comes out!!!
In the picture, it shows the Lazer come out off the phone, but it doesn't so I suggest you don't waste your time on a app like this
Don't waste your time!
It doesn't work at all and the top says that its only a minor bug! THE APP DOSENT WORK TO BEGIN WITH! How can they say thats just a minor bug?!? At least you don't have to waste good money on it NOT RECOMMENDED! The pictures are probably photoshoped and I'll bet they knew it didn't work too.
Mike V review Mike V
I installed this app just to say..You can't expect something like this to work if your phone isn't built to do it. There are no laser enabled optics on our cell phones. That's like downloading an app that makes your cell phone hover. It has no propellors no blades no wings so how can anything other than those required make it do what it wasn't built to do? Don't be fooled. This is like click bait. Apps like this are scandalous and anyone who says other wise are probably the devs or friends. Or trolling.
Robert Gonzalez review Robert Gonzalez
It doesn't work
I'm trying to do it it just like it doesn't work it doesn't show up all right in your life like a really good one because I don't know but yeah write on the screen where it shows me like there's a guy doing it in their lives are coming out of the camera and I felt like I could do that to my brother no it doesn't work thank you
Diandro Saintable review Diandro Saintable
Dead Girl review Dead Girl
Doesn't work as the pictures show
The mini games are kinda fun but the actual laser doesn't do at all what the picture in the play store shows and the constant ads are annoying. I don't normally complain about ads because I'd rather have an app be free, but this is ridiculous. The constant begging for a rate makes the creator look desperate for attention and pathetic.
Kendal Hampton review Kendal Hampton
No real point
It shows the laser pointing out of the phone as well, yet doesn't do it. Doesn't really have a point. Make it more fun and maybe I'll download again. For now, I dont need the space taken by something that has no point.
Sam B review Sam B
The game is to slow in alot of the areas that are timed to where the thing doesnt start spinning untill like 3 secs are left out of 10 and it still go extremely slow.
Brianna B review Brianna B
This actually does nothing but simulates breaking your phone screen. Is this a prank? I dont get it. Waste of time to download it.
Azraa Rahman review Azraa Rahman
Who ever made this game is nonsense. U wasted our time .energy and battery.why would u make such an awful others do not download it!The worst game Ever!!!!!hate this GAME!!!!!****