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LINE Pokopang
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LINE GAME presents you with a revolutionary new puzzle game - LINE PokoPang!

An official game from "LINE" - the free call/messenger app.

Monsters have invaded the Animals' village! Join pink bunny BONI and his family and friends in eliminating the puzzle Blocks and beating the Monsters!

[What kind of game is it?]
LINE PokoPang is a simple but addictive puzzle game. All you have to do is join the Blocks!
Upgrade your Attack strength to get higher scores.
You can also call for Helping Animals and work together with them!
If you're looking for something innovative, simple and addictive, then PokoPang is the perfect game for you! Let's PokoPang!

[How to play]
Draw lines to join 3 or more adjoining Blocks of the same color.
The Blocks will explode, firing veggies at the Monsters! Upgrade the Blocks to improve their Attack strength!
Call for the adorable Animals - they can help you tackle the Monsters! Take your very own Helping Animals with you, and aim for a high Best Score!

LINE Pokopang APK reviews

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Satrio Dauhan review Satrio Dauhan
It could be 5 stars, but this game takes too long to open. That's too bad.
Joey J review Joey J
Great Game
You can play for ever with a these challenges. But it can get expensive.
Kee Dannie review Kee Dannie
Lost de entire game!
After a maintence I completely lost everything. Was it tat my score was too high????
shervonne chua review shervonne chua
Now i couldnt open my game wat shall i do
Lianita Salim review Lianita Salim
Connection unstable in Xiaomi, this problem isn't seen on other devices in the same WiFi network.
Diego Gabriel Coyoy Dávila review Diego Gabriel Coyoy Dávila
Cute game, fast learning mechanics
Eng Si Serey review Eng Si Serey
I like this game nice done
Hendy Kurnia review Hendy Kurnia
Therry S review Therry S
rattaya kongerkkreat review rattaya kongerkkreat
Bunga Boo review Bunga Boo
No way! I was on level 37. This morning it reset my level back to 1. I didn't clear data or some sort. What's wrong with it? I'm so pissed! My animals, gems and cherries are gone. Gosh I hate you right now.
suko aji Wicaksono review suko aji Wicaksono
I already at level 60 with red star, i have 1million cherries, i already have so many great animals, but suddenly i have to start over again from beginning, that's ridiculous, i hate this game, why're you cheating on me ?? Can you explain about this ??
Nene Chen review Nene Chen
Need more friends to finish the missions..
Need so many new friends to spam clover everyday or even every hour... add line : mochimono.nana - feel free to block me when you feel disturbed.... ヾ(●´ε`●)ゞ゜.:。+゜Thanks゜.:。+゜
Allyssa Erica review Allyssa Erica
Give me back my account. My progress suddenly deleted. What happened? I've got master rank animal and nearly reach lvl 100. Please give me back all my contents!
Khor Bee Ee review Khor Bee Ee
Please higher up the summon rates for Platinum animal
I have summoned more than 60 times then only get 1 Lulu and Lolo, can you please increase the summon rates for Platinum animal?