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Magisto is a Video Maker and Smart Video Editor that creates outstanding videos in minutes perfect for sharing on social media. Grab attention on social media by transforming your photos and video clips into eye catching videos with Magisto’s powerful filmmaker.
Magisto is the best video editor for people on the move and for those who don’t have formal video editing skills. No video clips on your phone? No problem. Magisto smart video maker can help you create a slideshow or video collage that feels like a true video using only photos.”. Download the Magisto free movie maker now to get started.
Magisto video app has over 90 million users. Chosen as Google Play Editor’s Choice and as the #1 video editing app by Consumer Reports in 2017.
★★★★★ “Magisto movie maker can help you create a mini movie in just a few minutes.” - PC Magazine
★★★★★ "Magisto turns idle video into something share worthy without a painful editing process." - USA Today

ᗌ How To Be A Video “Superhero”
Magisto’s intelligent video editor is powered by A.I. which makes it “smart” and makes video editing semi-automatic. It makes you a video superhero. Designed as your 24/7 personal movie editor. Magisto combines video clips, photos, music, text, video effects and video filters to help you tell your video story.

ᗌ Make Outstanding Videos - 3 Easy Steps
1 - Choose Smart Video Editing Style
Pick a video editing style that fits your need and the story you want to convey . The style you choose helps Magisto understand what you want. Magisto can make a photo slideshow with music, video collage and full blown produced video. Styles can also help Magisto understand your use case from a birthday video or wedding video to video marketing on social media or even videos ads.
2 - Choose Video Clips & Photos
Select photos and video clips from your gallery for video editing.
3 - Chose Music For Video
Magisto video maker has a library of commercially licensed songs from rock to cinematic. Or use your personal music collection.

ᗌ The Smart Video Editor & How It Works
Magisto video maker uses sophisticated A.I. to to find the best parts of your footage.. Magisto intelligently applies video editing techniques including stabilization, facial recognition,, video filters, video effects, and auto video crop to create eye catching videos that outshine the average slideshow or video collage. Occasionally Magisto video maker will SURPRISE you by converting photos and video clips from your gallery into a fully automated, private, surprise movie.

ᗌ Supercharged Social Sharing In A Tap
Easily share your “superhero”, head turning videos in one tap directly from Magisto filmmaker to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Whatsapp, Vimeo, email, messaging, websites, & blogs. Create special videos for Instagram stories.

ᗌ Popular Kinds of Social Videos
Personal Videos:
Birthday videos
Wedding videos
Selfie videos
Baby Videos
Pet videos
Business Videos:
Real Estate Videos
Automotive Videos
Sports & Fitness Videos
Travel Videos
Training Videos
Music Videos

ᗌ Professional Features for Social Video Marketing
Win attention, grow your social influence, and your business with results driven video creative. The professional features are available via subscription which you can try for free. Download the Magisto video app now to get started.
With the Professional tier you’ll enjoy advanced video creative features including:
Longer HD quality videos
Commercial music library
Add logo & captions
Advanced video editing storyboard
Free video hosting

Professional Use Cases:
Social Media Marketing
Video Ads
Training & How-To Videos
Event Videos
Music Videos

ᗌ Join The Video Revolution
Download Magisto’s free video app. Visit us at

Magisto uses FFmpeg ( licensed under the LGPLv.2.1 or later (
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

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Emma F review Emma F
I LOVE THIS APP but.....
I totally love this app..... But you can't download any of your videos, at least not for free!
Charlotte Jordaan review Charlotte Jordaan
Magisto video editor
Brilliant app. Does require upgrade for bonus features.
Olivier d'Assier review Olivier d'Assier
Great results but low user friendliness
Great tool to share large photo albums of specific events. Choosing your photos however is very cumbersome and can only be done by date taken. Please add the ability to chose from third party apps like QuickPic.
Dan Cooper review Dan Cooper
Pretty awesome app. Worth the 5 seconds it took from my life to download.
Sara Estevez review Sara Estevez
I personally like it a lot, super easy to use!!!
Uday Raana review Uday Raana
Excellent app...this is a different app beautiful app..I never seen..
Ste ven review Ste ven
Why always running in background..
Never used yet hogging resources
Yadiel Cordero-Rosario review Yadiel Cordero-Rosario
This is crap
Why do I have to pay to edit videos the only thing that I can edit is photos and I dont want to edit photos I want to edit videos fix this because that is a bunch of bull
Crystal Bentley review Crystal Bentley
The themes r great and so are the way the videos have different ideas of movement, but just wish songs had a little more to select from.
brook AWSOMELY jk review brook AWSOMELY jk
Why in the heck is it so hard to find a app that just puts 2 videos together huh and does text and has orginal audio.
uma sai review uma sai
Excellent ,maybe I could learn from u people
Linda Travnick review Linda Travnick
The greatest app I have on my phone!
Ismery Marval review Ismery Marval
Love it
I can do everything I want with my pics and videos. Magistro makes them even better...
Biangkepe Noelyn review Biangkepe Noelyn
Editting fail
Pain in the butt to remix can't listen to audio before you select. You have to wait for it to load every time you realise the audio doesn't match.
Meyarah Speight review Meyarah Speight
LOVE IT ya did a good job but when your done with editing video it takes a long time to make it can yu make it shorter