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Moments helps you create shared photo albums with your friends and family. With Moments you can quickly send photos to your friends and get photos back.

Keep all your photos and videos organized in one private place.

A Favorites feature which stores photos in full resolution.

Moments is connected to your Facebook friends and events.
Send multiple at once—no need to text or email individual photos.

Automatically organizes photos of yourself, your friends, trips, events, and more, so you can easily search for them later.

View slideshows of your photos and share them to Facebook.

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Orlena Pratt review Orlena Pratt
So far it's awesome
I just started using it and it is awesome thus far.
Nabil Kosaibati review Nabil Kosaibati
Kate Edwards review Kate Edwards
It says "add George and Alice and 2 others to this moment" or something. then I'm not sure what happens then. Clicked it but didn't seem to add the tag or send to anyone
Patrizia Elisabeth Schwartz review Patrizia Elisabeth Schwartz
Great private photo sharing app, but please enable rotation of photos as sometimes photos are pulled in sideways. Also needs a pc based version because sorting through & sharing hundreds of photos on a phone is tedious & makes my eyes squint. It won't play videos others have uploaded.
Vincent Hernandez review Vincent Hernandez
Very easy to use
David Kegel review David Kegel
Great app
Great app as long as it doesn't crash. Smart idea, makes sharing easy.
Anshul Saha review Anshul Saha
Michele Wells review Michele Wells
Put a black woman on your cover for this app
There are no black women in the cover photo for this app. And all the men have a woman who is lighter than them. Don't hate Facebook.
Steve Chin review Steve Chin
One of those apps that you didn't realize you needed but that turns out to be really useful... Edit: App has potential but missing some key features (like desktop support) - wondering if Facebook decided to just stick with integrated Facebook Photo Albums instead...
mohd nur adli embong review mohd nur adli embong
Good apps for those who want to share their moments privately
So far the apps doing its jobs. My comment is only battery drainage problem on my s7 edge, makes me want to uninstall it. I will keep it first, and apply always power saving on the apps, then see how it goes
Heather Schmidt review Heather Schmidt
Like it so far.
Good way to share photos without having to wait for them to load to Facebook.
Jagrut Mathur review Jagrut Mathur
Kathleen Gray review Kathleen Gray
Good things
No errors. Easy interface. Just slightly pushy.
Binson Lee review Binson Lee
This is a great app developed for photos sharing with friends and families. The only thing that earn a 5 stars is, if this app also allow the videos be playable. Right now all my videos just appear with the play logo but not playable.
Jaime Maldonado review Jaime Maldonado
Great idea
Went off road and we had pictures and videos on 4 devices, installed moments and everyone uploaded theirs. Pretty easy and is the same as other photo sharing but just seems a tad simpler.