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Norton Security & Antivirus is the all-in-one mobile security and virus protection app for your smartphone or tablet. Download the latest version of Norton’s best antivirus and malware solution for Android devices.


Android Security

• Android Antivirus: Scan and remove apps that have malware, spyware, or an Android virus that can harm or slow your device. Powered by Norton Mobile Insight.
• SMS to remotely lock your lost or stolen phone[2]
• Remotely lock your device to prevent data theft
• Choose to automatically lock your device after 10 failed unlock attempts
• Find your lost device on a map with remote locate
• Can instantly lock your phone if the SIM card is removed

Android Protection

• Designed for your Android™[4] smartphone or tablet
• Trigger a "scream" alarm to find your missing device
• Automatically saves your device’s location when the battery is low
• Sync contacts and restore or share them across your devices
• Control protection for all your mobile devices through one website
• Safe Search lets you see a website’s safety and shopping rating for all of your search results
• Avoid malware infected sites on your search results


• Block unwanted calls and SMS text messages[2] (phones only)
• Wipe all device information remotely to protect your privacy
• Sneak Peek[3] uses the built-in webcam to take a photo of anyone using your device once you list it lost or stolen (webcam-enabled devices only)

Norton Mobile Security & Antivirus protects you and your Android™[4] devices against threats such as malicious apps, theft or loss, and websites designed to steal your information and money. More importantly, Norton provides proactive anti malware, spyware, and Android virus protection against potentially risky apps that could leak your personal information and content, excessively use battery and data or have intrusive behavior.

★PREMIUM FEATURES (Free 30-Day Trial [1]) ★

• SafeWeb filtering - Prevent fraudulent websites from accessing your personal information
• App Advisor powered by Norton™ Mobile Insight, automatically checks apps for potential
privacy risks, high battery and data usage or intrusive behavior before download
• Privacy Report Interactive Map shows where in the world apps send personal information and photos

Upgrade to the premium version of Norton Mobile Security & to protect multiple smartphones and tablets in your household. Our Premium version offers more advanced, proactive malware and virus protection for you and multiple devices in your household.


[1] For new users without a current Premium subscription. The Premium trial period will last for 30 days so long as the current version remains available on the app store. No credit card info required. When the trial ends, you can continue to enjoy the FREE features to keep your device safe and secure!
[2] SMS Lock, SMS Wipe, SMS Locate, SMS Scream and Text Blocking not supported on Android 4.03 or later.
[3] Sneak Peek feature not available in Germany.
[4] Android multi-user mode not supported.
[5] Auto scan of apps on Google Play supported on Android 4.0.3 or later except for Samsung devices. Samsung devices running Android 4.2 or later are supported. For earlier versions of Android, the Google Play “Share” function must be used to scan apps on Google Play.

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Symantec respects your privacy and promises to safeguard your personal data. For more information:

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

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Norton Security and Antivirus APK reviews

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Patrick Bowles review Patrick Bowles
Outstanding mobile security app.
Clearly the most secure way to protect a mobile phone. Long time user of Symantec products. It restarts often bc it's screening material, but I still love this app.
Paul Jarisch review Paul Jarisch
Norton Antivirus for Mobile
Very easy application to use with your mobile device. Finds and protects your device from numerous threats to the phone and your identity. Highly recommended!
Richard Potter review Richard Potter
I use Norton on my home PC as well as my Samsung Galaxy S6
Does what it promises. Have yet to have any type of virus or malware problems - I love Norton.
Emandra Wright review Emandra Wright
I love it and need it
I already have Norton on my computer so I didn't know I could add devices which is awesome. Helps when downloading apps, Web security all that and I use my phone more than my actual computer. It's so reliable.
Luis Lobato review Luis Lobato
Virus scan
I scanned for malware but it says my phone is clean, but pages still pop-up and the app store opens sometimes and take me to wierd discount offers or prizes .... HELP
Russ Robinson review Russ Robinson
Good App
Love the password protection app. It can be a little finicky and keeps losing the PIN but reset is fairly easy.
Eduardo Copado review Eduardo Copado
Peace of mind
surfing the web, downloading apps., and using your phone, just got better, Norton scans your phone so that it runs better, notifies you if you are about to enter a malicious website, puts a lock on your phone if it ever gets stolen or lost, helps you find the location of your phone and literaltly puts a peace of mind knowing that you have a software protecting your personal stuff!! get the software now! you wont regret it!.
Chimzindu Omenazu review Chimzindu Omenazu
It works!
The app is cool, it is serving it's purpose. Am loving it but am having issues with the subscription renewal. I really need help.
Carl Scally review Carl Scally
What's going on!
I have 360 on my Laptop, Desktop and two mobiles (my partner and I) my mobile (not my partners!) Keeps losing the all the extras of mobile security and asks me for the product key number to get it back!!! Annoying and so time consuming. Please help me. 5 stars for 360 on the other's BUT NOT MY MOBILE!!!!!!
Philippe Paquette review Philippe Paquette
Norton is nothing but the best
I probably used all the virus / bot attacks / email spam / performance services and Norton Security with Back up is over the top in my experienced opinion. Totally amazing. And their technical support is incomparable. You don't compare Norton with all the others, you contrast them. Amazing . Nothing comes close.
Terry Bluhm review Terry Bluhm
I do like this app. Norton has always been my choice to protect my devices from harm. This one tells me if an app is harmfull before I download it. Nice to know, especially with some of the "crap" on google play store.Thanks Norton. ?
COM 750 review COM 750
Norton claims this app "WARNS about bad sites", SMH! I have the paid full service version and would like to know the following: At what point during net surfing does the app perform this service? I've had to manually defend against numerous auto-load web installations with only 6 blocks. No warning prior, during or after provided by app. MAJOR FLAW. A three star rating looks decent out of five. Note the rating scale is questionable in that such a rating only equals Ok but visually presents as better.
Ben Perkins review Ben Perkins
People who say the device detects nothing but are taken to websites are right, but it's not a virus. It's overagressive advertising you don't realize you signed up for, not norton failing.
Great app
I love how this alerts you off suspicious apps before you download them, preventing possible issues. I don't fully agree with some that come up as medium risk, but then again, I'm not an expert, if I were I wouldn't need this app. Thanks for having my back!!!!
HarithaDevi KTK review HarithaDevi KTK
Add more features
Doesn't do much work. It does complete work only when you get pro