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Drop in some fun with PAPLINKO!
In PAPLINKO, the goal is to bounce balls into cups, collecting coins and prizes as you go along! It's not all just about the prize though- bouncing off the pegs earns points and careful play will rack up your high score! The balls bounce off multiple pegs, each hit racking up points and changing the ball's path to the bottom. You can carefully aim and shoot each one, but the peg board is constantly shifting, so you'll have to rethink your strategy as you play! Hordes of special pegs shake things up, from bomb pegs to teleporter pegs! Use special multiplier pegs and bonus boxes to make that score grow and grow! Beware, prizes aren't the only things at the bottom- slimes will break your high score if you're not careful! Trade in all the coins you've collected to buy new backgrounds and ball characters to customize your game! Don't worry if you run out of balls, check back later and you'll have more available! PAPLINKO is fun for the whole family, kids and adults, plus you can invite friends from Facebook, share high scores, and more!

“Never before have bouncing balls been so hypnotizing and addictive!”
“More fun than a barrel of monkeys!”

Take the Paplinko challenge - fun is just a bounce away!

✩ Over 30 prizes to collect!
✩ Mobile pegs that change as you play!
✩ Multiple puzzles to solve, with each puzzle set showing a different story!
✩ Over 25 achievements to complete!
✩ Special bonuses for daily play!
✩ A huge variety of special bonus effects to collect from the bonus box!
✩ Connect Paplinko with Facebook to post your high score and share the fun with friends!
✩ Combines some of the action you loved in games like Peggle, Pachinko, and Plinko!

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Paplinko APK reviews

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Matt Coffin review Matt Coffin
Used to be fun
Whoever owns this game is clearly a sleazebag looking for easily-earned cash. It used to be addictive and fun to play when you were bored. Then slime started appearing more and more. And you could do less and less to get rid of them. Uninstalled, nice job taking a fun game and turning it into easy profit. I have no intention of giving you the satisfaction of my money, and I recommend everyone else do the same. You already have ads.
pede be review pede be
Why get more expensive balls?
The peg points dont increase, nor can i find anything else it helps either. Waste of time. I do like the game itself. Good time waster if u drop a ball at a time so you dont run out. But if you do run out you'll wait a long time to replenish them. Like all your games the ads are excessive, wish you would do something about that.
Victoria Hansen review Victoria Hansen
To have bonuses more often like puzzle pieces and prizes and to complete 1 prize line before the game starts a new prize line and to complete a puzzle before the next 1 starts and level up the xp like when you reach a level it should start locking it instead of dropping back down to 1 xp and add puzzles and prizes to the treasure box and get coins up to like 75 then this would be the best game ever. I play alot of games and see what i would like as a consumer. Other than that its enjoyable
David Hines review David Hines
Absolutely junk. Was fun at first, but now nothing but frustration. Slimes appear after one, REPEAT ONE, hit on any multiplier. True, it's possible to lock in scores, multipliers, etc, but the cost is rediculous. Points are earned after every 9 missions or so, but it costs points to achieve missions. Best description I have: an idle game that doesn't idle.
Marilyn Lockhart review Marilyn Lockhart
Have over 1100 days straight of playing it on another device. The slime is really a pain, but makes the game interesting, to say the least, only bad part is not being able to transfer information to a new device so the run can continue.
Steven Verhaal review Steven Verhaal
Unfortunately time/energy/ based if it where not for that it would be great. Maybe one of these days some dev will develop a peg game that you can just play whenever YOU want, and not whenever the game dictates you can.
A Google User review A Google User
1095+ consecutive days (3 years).
And I have only managed to get one prize line to the max... And I have made a point of giving no money.
Angiezzz Molnar review Angiezzz Molnar
These people did not lie when they said that this game is awesome. I've had this game on every single phone I've had. I just love playing my awesomeness paplinko. Only one tiny problem guys. There are a super amount of ads. Besides that it's perfectly perfect. Thankfully thank full for my relaxation times with my paplinko.
Teresa Sanders review Teresa Sanders
Rewards missing and reports don't work
I am enjoying playing but the offers for the free balls don't pay out. I have done 3 that I haven't received the rewards from. I tried reporting missing balls and it will not let me submit the form.
David Shaw review David Shaw
Big bug
After the most recent updates for paplinko and coin dozer as they are made by the same people they crash after a few minutes of playing so game circus needs to fix them both
steve mclaughlin review steve mclaughlin
Somehow you managed to make the game not work. Way to go dumbasses
Phyllis Krout review Phyllis Krout
Marvellous enjoy every minute of gameplay friendship! Wow that's crazy exciting and wonderful gameplay! JUST CHECKING IN TO the experience of gaming! HAPPY DAY!! :-) :-) :-) :-) I just had a real problem with my phone, and I lost my previous earned puzzles and level status ! Is there any way to retrieve it? I love the game of Paplinko!
Hannah Smalley review Hannah Smalley
This is my favorite game but...
Every time I play the game and use all the balls, it says that there's free balls but every time I hit it,it says no "Internet connection". WTF?I have Internet connection. Please please, fix my favorite game!!
Jeffrey Wilt review Jeffrey Wilt
The green and purple blobs pop up way to often making it frustrating and impossible. My high score is 16 million amd I doubt I will ever get there without spending real cash....about to delete
Christopher Kiggins review Christopher Kiggins
Very addictive, but boring. Maybe some plinko balls with effect trails? Or fire balls burn pegs? Slime shouldnt spawn before shields, and we should get PB when a mission is finished. I have a total of 53 pb but dont gain them. Aquisitions are complex for a simple game. Otherwise gameplay is great.