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PCB Droid provides an easy way to design your printed circuit boards for your electronic DIY projects. It can be an extension hardware for your raspberry PI or arduino panel, or even a printed circuit board for the drone or 3d printer you designed. Create your custom PCBs on your mobile and on your tablet fast and efficiently. Share and export your finished designs. Save time by working on your projects during your daily commute, no matter where you are.

PCB Droid’s easy to use experience makes the application the perfect choice for electronic hobbyists and also a great designer tool for education purposes. The application doesn’t utilize previously made circuit diagrams. Draw your lines, place your through holes and SMD pads the way you want to. Download the available macros to help your designing process or create your own and use them later on. Log in with your own PCB Droid account or use your Gmail account and start customizing your circuit boards as you wish!

If you are having trouble using the application, check out our official tutorial on our website. http://pcbdroid.com/tutorials/


-Design double-sided PCBs, switch between layers, hide the unnecessary layers for improved transparency
-Expanding downloadable component library
-Create and save your own macros
-Share your finished printed circuit boards with your friends/colleagues
-Export your projects to PDF, IMG or GERBER format
-Reach your project from multiple devices with droid cloud integration

Download now and send us your feedbacks and questions to [email protected] or http://pcbdroid.com/contact-us

For more information visit http://pcbdroid.com

PCB Droid APK reviews

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Canyon Wren review Canyon Wren
Loving this app even more now :)
Well I was mighty surprised when I went to use the app and found it had been updated. Some great new features have been added (including a footprint library) and really pleased that its no longer restricted to 80mm x 80mm work area. Not sure what the circle, hexagon and square shapes are for, but the additional export buttons are very promising. One request though, please bring back the ability to set the grid pitch to 0.05mm as this has now been set 0.8mm which just isn't quite small enough for some things
Nikhil Saini review Nikhil Saini
Needs a lot work though
Like pinch and two finger swipe for zoom and pan. Also it has trouble while giving image output, I toggle the visibility of only bottom copper on. Instead of exporting bottom copper only it exports all the layers into image. Please can you fix it?
Tabish Manzoor review Tabish Manzoor
Love it
Excellent concept but need work
winhtuthtut win review winhtuthtut win
saeed moradi review saeed moradi
I love it
Verrrrrry goooood
Naeem Ansari review Naeem Ansari
Paul de Vreede review Paul de Vreede
Nice try, goodbye, pointless
Concept itself cannot work on a cell phone, interface is far from intuitive
rene casas review rene casas
Joel Estorque review Joel Estorque
Nice app
Arvind Gaonkar review Arvind Gaonkar
Aslam Meethal review Aslam Meethal
very nice one
sushant mahi review sushant mahi
Mohamed Imrankhan review Mohamed Imrankhan
Nice apps ....
Bhushan Dongare review Bhushan Dongare
Great application
Franz Eigenstetter review Franz Eigenstetter
Very good App
Occasional crushes need to be fixed It has been fixed. Everything works fine. Thank you