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Plugin Notifications
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You need to activate this service if you want to receive notifications in Smart Launcher.

NOTE 1: You need the latest version of SL installed to use this plugin. Please don't complain if you are using a illegal version!

NOTE 2: Samsung talkback issue:
Android Apps settings –> All Apps -> Samsung TTS engine -> Disable.

NOTE 3: In android there is no way to intercept notifications, we can only use an accessibility service as workaround. Doing this require some additional permission. I encourage you to check it from yourself on google, otherwise if you don't trust me please don't install this app.

Plugin Notifications APK reviews

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Yanuar Ardi P. review Yanuar Ardi P.
Heads up
Heads up style too please.
Allison M review Allison M
Doesn't do anything.
Abd Rahman review Abd Rahman
Its not working
It not working at my phone lah jilake...kipidap btol
Ramashish Gupta review Ramashish Gupta
Raja Adhikary review Raja Adhikary
no need
i ask you what the hell this app. There is no security lock. No widget. Its ony for paid users. So what you expected for free users?
Gregory Bowling review Gregory Bowling
Right now it doesn't work on my Moto G, second generation
Sanjeev Choudhary review Sanjeev Choudhary
Worst app
does n't work for me.
Michael Garcia review Michael Garcia
Crashes a lot
I like this plugin but it crashes repeatedly. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled and it crashed in less than 5 minutes without me getting any new notifications.
Lawrence Philemon review Lawrence Philemon
This one before works perfectly in my phone. But now become a trash, not worked even i reinstalled the application. 5 stars if you give me solutions. Thank you.
Sam Tempesta review Sam Tempesta
Not bad
Update please needs improvement
Akhil Krishna review Akhil Krishna
Its not showing the correct count
Its ok buy the notification count is never correct around 90% of the time...but the looks and everything are great..pls fix the count..
Ionut Pasata review Ionut Pasata
After the last 2 updates of smart launcher pro all notifications are shown...good job
Hamza Salman review Hamza Salman
Sameer Bhargava review Sameer Bhargava
Some trouble... Home screen notification doesn't go away after reading message. Have to delete shortcut and create a fresh one
jaycob Smith review jaycob Smith
Wont let u access plug in loads Google play