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Pokémon Photo Booth
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Pokémon Photo Booth

Create Pokémon-themed photos with the Pokémon Photo Booth app from The Pokémon Company International! Take pictures and then personalize them with a variety of captions in the style of classic Pokémon games. Or use custom designs to create Pokémon profile images. When you’re finished with your photos, you can save then share them with your friends on social media!

Have loads of Pokémon portrait fun with the Pokémon Photo Booth app from The Pokémon Company International!

The Pokémon Photo Booth app supports the following languages:
* English
* Français
* Deutsch
* Español (Europa)
* Italiano

Pokémon Photo Booth APK reviews

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Jon Hall review Jon Hall
Can't actually save photos
Only allowed to 'share' images, no option to save to gallery. What does end up going out is disgustingly low res.
Kevin Anderson review Kevin Anderson
Great app for a fan
Loïc Van Doorn review Loïc Van Doorn
Works fine now
The app got some updates and it works fine for me now. An option to save your creations to your device has been added as well. A fun way to quickly make some Pokémon themes pics.
Caolan Robinson review Caolan Robinson
It works again
A little limited but still nice t.o have
Mr.kakashi The Hedgehog 95 Walker review Mr.kakashi The Hedgehog 95 Walker
Its awesome, only for stuff like instagram you can't save, which sucks
Yasin Akgun review Yasin Akgun
Very limited, but it's Pokemon!
Sophia Grant review Sophia Grant
Doesn't share photos or save them.
It says that it saves, but it actually doesn't. Plus, when you attempt to share them to Facebook or Instagram, it auto closes due to some error. Please fix. The only way I can use this app is to screenshot what I did and edit it afterwards.
Karter Schumacer review Karter Schumacer
It works for me!
What the heck are you guys talking about!? IT WORKS! OK? You guys are just idiots that want to complain over the dumbest crap!
Simon Aston review Simon Aston
Great Idea But Having Issues
It won't let me input and save what I type in the text boxes. If I put a name in and use the 'Done' button on from the app it doesn't do anything and if I press 'Done' on the internal keyboard it just clears the box.
Asdruval Perez review Asdruval Perez
Love it but,
It's a cute app it's just pretty plain. Stickers or frames would be nice.
Swish Squad review Swish Squad
Won't work
It never works it always says after I take a picture that the app stops I left so many reports about fixing it please do
Teresa Thomas review Teresa Thomas
Crashes on Galaxy S5
I really want to love this, but it crashes immediately after selecting a photo. Considering this is almost two whole months after the iOS launch, this is really disheartening.
Andrew Bush review Andrew Bush
Pretty simple app but really fun way for Pokémon fans to make silly pics and celebrate the 20th anniversary year.
GameBoy Ade review GameBoy Ade
It's cool
This app is nice, It does have some issues like not actually being able to save the photos to your device without sharing them on social media, and taking pictures doesn't work for some reason, if there was an update in the future that would fix this then I would possibly change this to 4 or even 5 stars
Moxar review Moxar
It don't work T_T
No matter what I do when it comes to choosing or taking a photo I get a pop up telling me the app has stopped working. Very sad. I'm using a galaxy s5 and I'm hoping that isn't the issue. I hope it's fixed soon.