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Pokémon TCG Online
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*AN INTERNET CONNECTION AND A TABLET DEVICE ARE REQUIRED FOR USE. Devices considered phones are not supported.*

Have fun learning and mastering the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online! Practice against the computer or go head to head with your friends or other players from around the world. Unlock cards and decks as you play to build up your collection and make truly unique decks. Your decks and card collection are stored as a part of your Pokémon Trainer Club account, allowing you to switch between tablet and desktop with ease.

EASY TO START: Choose from Grass, Fire, or Water decks, step right into a game, and learn as you go in an easy play experience.

EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION: Earn cards, open booster packs, trade with other players, and build the perfect deck around your favorite cards. Your collection grows with you!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE: Build your own decks, customize the look of your cards, deck boxes, and avatar, and join your friends online.

HONE YOUR SKILLS: Play against the computer until you are ready to challenge other players.

CHALLENGE THE WORLD: When you feel your deck design is ready, challenge other players or join a tournament to show your skill and knowledge.

**An Internet connection is required for use.**

Card Languages Supported:
* English
* Français
* Deutsch
* Español (de España)
* Italiano
* Português (do Brasil)

UI Languages Supported:
* English
* Français
* Deutsch
* Español (de España)
* Italiano
* Português (do Brasil)
* Nederlands
* Svenska
* Dansk
* Norske
* Suomi
* Русский

©2018 Pokémon. ©1995–2018 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ®, and character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

Pokémon TCG Online APK reviews

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Vanterrius Westbrook review Vanterrius Westbrook
Love it
This app is awesome. I finally found a trading card game, where the company provides extra items for their customers to enjoy. You get so much stuff!!!!! :) Well, as of 7/12/16, the app glitches up on my tablet and restarts.
Olifrube review Olifrube
Login issue
Of what I've played it's very good but I can't log in; it says my screen name is pending authorisation.
Herrie Best review Herrie Best
I really like the game, but... When you play on your phone (wich should be possible for most non budget phones) it really feels like this game was made for tablets. For example, the swiping system, when you scroll through the cards, feels really sensitive. On a bigger screen you won't notice this but on a smaller screen it is a bit of an issue. It would be nice if this game would be a bit more phone-friendly and it would be nice if the server maintenances are shortened a bit if possible
Casper B review Casper B
It neeeeeeeeeds needs needs to be fixed
April Hapner review April Hapner
Fix the login issues
Uninstall less than 12 hrs fighting with your damn servers. No matter what i cannot login. Fix this bs asap. I have tried to reset my password, and i made sure there was no auto capitalization. I have codes i wanted to use and play online. Guess my playing of this and any game are limited which i dont like.
vikie Gruber review vikie Gruber
Pokemon are cool
Shannon Gardner review Shannon Gardner
A lot better
Please do something about people leaving matches all the time its really annoying. Can never get daily challenges complete anymore becauase of it. Also people taking too long to do moves or just being inactive please review the timer system add it to everything and/or make it shorter.
Anthony Ayres review Anthony Ayres
Please fix this app on Android!!!
Love the game. But in closes on me too often. Also freezes to where the touch screen won't work and I'm forced to manually shutdown my tablet. So I'm not able to compete in tournaments because I will be booted after the first match. If this was fixed I would love this app and give it five stars!
JayForMation360 Gaming review JayForMation360 Gaming
Won't let me make my own deck
Don't get me wrong pokemon are super cool but every time I try to make my deck it says at least one of my pokemon don't have an evolution chain or something. It just won't let me so I don't know if I want to play anymore or not. Please do something pokemon creators.
NoodleMC M review NoodleMC M
The updates ruined it
It used to be a fun game with no problems, but when the newer updates started coming out, it completely crashes and takes me back to my home screen at the very beginning of a battle. Plz make an update that actually makes it better, not worse
Nick Werth review Nick Werth
Terrible horrible game
I spent pretty much all day trying to create an account to save my progress. Then I tried to log in on the game, and it said my account was not valid (even after I repeatedly validated my account through email).
Lexi Lexi review Lexi Lexi
Its not broken its just not ready yet. This is tye beta i think. But its not smooth but forgive it if it is the beta test. If its not all pay pay pay it could be amazing for us 30yr olds to connect with our kids in a common intrest. Especially this evolutions set. Or 1999 re run with extras.
Chris Seda review Chris Seda
Love this app!
Great game that gives me nostalgia! Little bit of lag on my Samsung tab A, and the main splash page is always cut off. Other than that no complaints, thank you for bringing this to the Android tablets, and can't wait for more future content!
Lycia Welker review Lycia Welker
Major connection issues
I've bought several decks solely for this game I don't play in person I played on the game and today I've been kicked 4 times and this is at least my 16th time now being booted off of the game and I'm running my game off of my home Wi-Fi so it's not some junk Wi-Fi fix your game
David Smith review David Smith