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Download the latest Pokémon TV app, complete with awesome new features and even easier navigation! Now it’s even more fun and easy to watch incredible Pokémon animated adventures starring Ash, Pikachu, and all their friends. Don’t miss movies, episodes, special animated features, and more. And, as always, this Pokémon TV app is free!

Easy Access with My Channel!
When you start watching a video, it will automatically be added to your channel so you can quickly resume it where you left off. Recently completed episodes will also stay in your channel so you can easily find out what to watch next!

Watch Offline!
If you’re planning to be without network access for a while, don’t worry! With the updated app, you can mark one episode, movie, or feature for offline viewing. This video will be stored to your device in your channel so you can watch it any time. With the Pokémon TV app, you’re ready to watch wherever and whenever! The video will automatically be removed from the channel after one week.

Rate Your Favorite Episodes!
In the new Pokémon TV app, you’ll also be able to rate each video after you’ve finished watching it. With this fun feature, you can see the average rating and contribute your own score!
Stay Up to Date with Push Notifications!
We’ve also added push notifications to let you know when more movies and episodes have been added to the app. With push notifications enabled, you’ll be the first to know what awesome adventures await the next time you watch!

The Pokémon TV app is the perfect way for Pokémon fans to keep up with Pokémon TV episodes.

Pokémon TV APK reviews

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Gordon French review Gordon French
Don't know how to use it
It needs a search bar and it cant load the beginning videos (isn't season 1) and it only shows one movie
Scott Hinchey review Scott Hinchey
After update
Newest version none of the videos play anymore. Also please add the rest of the original episodes
Larry Virden review Larry Virden
This app used to work okay but the newest version now says not optimized for my device.., which isn't even a year old! How disappointing
Lora Schaus review Lora Schaus
Love the episodes and was able to watch the full XYZ series on this app.
Shalk Tiem review Shalk Tiem
Great app, but the weekly switching...
Alright. This app is great for watching Pokémon, and has all the episodes and all the regions. But there's one HUGE problem that nobody likes. You can't change when or what you can watch, and if you don't watch the episodes that you want to watch before the cycle changes then you're screwed. Once you miss that cycle and you want to watch the episode you are next on, you are going to have to wait for around an entire month for the region's last few episodes to cycle before you can see yours again.
Nicholas Lees review Nicholas Lees
Satisfised. (:
The fact that it includes the Kanto and Johto region episodes along with all of the other regions makes this a great app for easy Pokemon watching. Sure the episodes are randomized but so what? It let's you watch full Pokemon episodes for free. If only they were so generous with Pokemon Shuffle. At least this app gives me something to do while waiting for the rediculous 30 minutes to regenerate a heart in Pokemon Shuffle.
Aeron Richards review Aeron Richards
More episodes
This app is great but my only problem is that the episodes are limited by so much... If the full series cant be placed in the app to be viewed that's okay but a few extra episodes won't hurt... Will it?
Adkins review Adkins
Could be 5 star
It's a good idea but still need a lot of work.....the sound doesn't work for me and the fact I can watch what session are episode I want it's kind of pointless to have when I can just got to YouTube. Still good idea tho
Alejandro Valencia review Alejandro Valencia
I love this it shows episodes from all regions and it brings back some memories that were made along time ago. I missed most of the new series aka XYZ and a little bit of sun and moon but this app made it were I can watch them....well I have to wait until they change the episodes but it's still a good app.
I wish you could have rest button to start over hold show back season 1 because I didn't know that get hold season 1 go to season 2 I thought get episode not hold season show. I like thank person who make pokemon TV show because people who don't have much money buy TV shows or movies on apps or Internet get pokemon free watch hold season like season 1 and they have myself or children or tell friends and family and any kids know about pokemon app and people tell other people about pokemon app because hold whole love pokemon and I like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I was in 8 grade when pokemon came out and watch center.
A Google user review A Google user
The episodes are high quality, but it has limited episodes. You can't view all of the episodes of a certain series, and it starts you off in the middle of a season. If you want to see a specific episode your most likely out of luck because it will not be there. This app has a great concept, but overall poor execution. At least it's better than hunting down fullscreen episdoes of the anime on YouTube.
A Google user review A Google user
Shows full length episodes. But Pokemon TV does not show every episode. I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to watching Pokemon from the very beginning, but I couldn't start on season 1 because not all episodes were there. No sense in starting a season if it's not complete.
Liz Walker review Liz Walker
Good idea, poorly executed. I'm not sure who this app is for...people who already watch it on TV? If it's going to have limited episodes, at least start each season at episode 1 and cut it off somewhere mid season and tell us where to watch the rest. I'm not going to check out a show mid way through a season. Amazed it doesn't even have all of the very first season on here,considering how old it is.
Fnaf fan 3654 gamer review Fnaf fan 3654 gamer
I was happy at first because I thought I could all the episodes from all different shows but it doesn't show all the episodes so this app is awful
kelly smith review kelly smith