SL Screen Off plugin APK

SL Screen Off plugin screenshot 1SL Screen Off plugin screenshot 2
This app works only with Smart Launcher
This app uses the Device Administrator permission, in order to use a restricted API that allows to turn off your device screen

This plugin will enable Smart Launcher to use some extra features. Actually you need this plugin to turn off the screen with a double tap using Smart Launcher. The plugin is very lightweight (only few kb) and doesn't influence battery life and memory usage.

PLEASE NOTE: SL extra requires some advanced permission (just to turn off the screen indeed). So after enabling it, you won't be able to uninstall this app unless you disable it in the SL's preferences. Then you will be able to uninstall this app like every other app. Here is a video tutorial:

If you think this procedure is too hard for you, just don't install this app. You will still be able to use the most part of the Smart Launcher features.

SL Screen Off plugin APK reviews

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Robiul Islam review Robiul Islam
Works nice
I like it.It is very small but works perfectly.I want a knock on feature please add it.
Benjamin Roache review Benjamin Roache
Droid Maxx
This is a great app but it will drain the battery quick. Also if you install the extras plug in, you MUST uninstall the plug in before uninstalling the app. If you do, reinstalling the app will not allow you to uninstall the plug in. You'll have to reset your phone or just live with it in your apps list.
Meghan Girard review Meghan Girard
Can't deactivate on my lg g3 vigor
Found where to deactivate in preferences however even though it is deactivated it still says deactivate in the play store and thus still unable to uninstall
Qutbuddin Pardawala review Qutbuddin Pardawala
Smart Addition
The plugin works as claimed without any bugs. Also the feature list is pretty comptehensive
Dre Cronama review Dre Cronama
Doesn't work
Better off no patch. At least you have notification on sms. But with this patch, no notification at all. Unlike the stupid judgemental below, he maybe not using any theme...
david moerike review david moerike
Works great! Tho..
It works just as it should, though I'd like to see more extras added to the Smart Launcher. Don't ask me what should be added, but I feel though you could add a couple more extras. ;)
Razvan Calinovici review Razvan Calinovici
Almost perfect
It works great. Only one thing... When phone is held in my hand, in a horizontal position, but i touch the screen, phone still goes to sleep. Can you fix that, please?
Roman Aryal review Roman Aryal
Awesome and, Please make double tap to unlock screen .
Rolando Ramirez review Rolando Ramirez
Shits just perfect!
Rocky Singh review Rocky Singh
Only one fault
If u plzzzzzzzzzzz could add the feature to wake up screen also with double tap . it will be great and full give stars from me
Dillon Klick review Dillon Klick
Simple and Effective
One of the few apps that can currently stop my kindle lock screen from showing up.
ChrisPro CsGo review ChrisPro CsGo
Make More Features
Plz Add Double Tap To Turn On Screen....Tq
Ernestas Paliulis review Ernestas Paliulis
Dont work
I double ta on screen but it doesnt turn off
Marco Casarrubias review Marco Casarrubias
Add more features
2 taps turns off screen, love it. Can you add a 3 tap to return to LOCK Screen. Also, can you guys add a pattern lock please. Thanks.
Andrei T review Andrei T
Appears to have blocked my lock screen so now I can no longer access my tab
Appears to have blocked my lock screen so now I can no longer access my tablet