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The Guardian and Observer tablet edition beautifully re-imagines the newspaper for Android tablets. Each issue showcases our comprehensive international reporting, thoughtful commentary, award-winning sports journalism and unique approach to culture, science, the environment, media and technology coverage.

Full feature list
- 14 day free trial period (initial subscription required)
- editions every day of the week including all content from the main sections of the Guardian and Observer newspapers
- on Saturday, Weekend magazine, the Guide and the Sport, Cultural Review, Travel, Family, Money and Work sections are all included along with the main section of the paper
- on Sunday, the Observer's news sections, Sport, New Review and Magazine all appear weekly, with Observer Food and Tech Monthly magazines included once each month
- crosswords: Quick and Cryptic puzzles every weekday
- editions from the last month available in the archive
- all article and picture content downloaded for reading offline
- stunning photojournalism and full screen cartoons
- in-article image galleries
- video embedded in articles viewable when online
- share stories via Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper, Google+ and email
- swipe to navigate between sections or stories
- related articles within the edition highlighted
- related online articles

The Guardian daily edition APK reviews

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Mike Speed review Mike Speed
Good to read the whole newspaper rather than the fragments of stuff that you get on the free guardian app. Would like to get this on my phone, bit of a shame it's limited to tablets only.
Michael Doris review Michael Doris
Biased writing and poor quality app
Decided to unsubscribe to the guardian. The App was poor quality with no ability to zoom. The quality of journalism was poor as they continually peddled scare stories to an unsuspecting Scottish electorate on behalf of their friends in the Labour party. Churnalism. Really expected more integrity and impartiality.
Carolyn Cornthwaite review Carolyn Cornthwaite
Where have they gone? I've uninstalled and reinstalled but they still won't download. May unsubscribe if they don't return.
Olivier Magere review Olivier Magere
What's the point off this app?
Largely made redundant by the new guardian app. Has issues such as crashes when going from offline to online, fonts to small in portrait mode and not resizable. Unsubscribed and uninstalled
Jason Van Hee review Jason Van Hee
Decent content but I'm sick to death of it crashing every time I reload an issue! It can't be that hard to fix can it with 10,000 downloads and each of us paying £10 a month?!
Matthew Smith review Matthew Smith
Subscription cancelled
Have cancelled my subscription because this app is terrible. It crashes a lot and frequently displays pages blank. Nothing works except to force quit the app and restart (often more than once). This app is clearly not a priority for the Guardian, despite being subscription based.
Benoit Majerus review Benoit Majerus
Does not allow to buy an edition on a daily basis
Stephen Knowles review Stephen Knowles
Crashes, a lot, nuff said?
Gavin Laird review Gavin Laird
Too many crashes
I really enjoy the content and the way it is presented in this app. If it didn't constantly crash and freeze it would be worth the subscription even with much of the content available on the website. Shame but I'm going to have to cancel.
Salim Umarkhan review Salim Umarkhan
Pages don't open when offline even after having downloaded the edition. Or it takes ages to load! Staring at a blank page for minutes on the tube in a crowd(of overlookers) really got on my nerves one too many time! Uninstalled during trial period
Bernard Aryeetey review Bernard Aryeetey
The format and design are really good, but the visual execution is flawed because of the low res, fuzzy pictures and some headlines. Lacks the sharpness of the other Guardian app, and on a tablet looks inferior to the Times and NYT apps, for example, as a result. Must do better
Beta Bebi review Beta Bebi
David Moxon review David Moxon
Constantly needs reinstalling
The app works OK for a few days at a time then it stops downloading until you uninstall the app and reinstall it. No other option as we want the content but if there were we would certainly switch.
Harvey Jenson Crawford review Harvey Jenson Crawford
Gavin Smith review Gavin Smith
Daily Edition
£12 for a subscription is too much. It's called daily edition but you can't buy daily like you would a normal newspaper. Disappointing.