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Make space for the issues that matter. The Guardian app gives you breaking news and full access to all of our award-winning journalism.

Keep reading when you're offline, tailor your home screen with the sections that matter most to you, follow your favourite writers and stories using personalised notifications, save content for as long as you like, and get compelling journalism at any time on your devices.

• Access the full range of Guardian journalism, specially designed for your phone or tablet
• Stay up to date with live news and sport
• Receive breaking news alerts to be informed of the big moments
• Enjoy award-winning audio, video and interactive content, as well as full-screen galleries, with stunning Retina-quality images
• Keep reading even when you’re offline
• Make it yours by choosing the sections and topics that appear on your home screen
• Follow your favourite stories, series, writers and football teams for personal notifications
• Save any content you want to keep for a later date
• Read comments on articles and share your own thoughts
• Search by keyword, topic, series, section, or contributor
• Upgrade to the premium tier for our daily crosswords, specially curated content, extracts from Guardian Books, and an advert-free experience

This app is totally free to use. If you choose to upgrade to the premium tier, your payment can be taken immediately and is processed by Google Play.

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Nanetta Okonkwo review Nanetta Okonkwo
I love the objective content! It's true reporting. Every article has the counter argument in it somewhere. Incredibly it is free. You can upgrade which helps them continue their excellent reporting. But if you're unable to contribute you are still allowed access. It's easy to navigate and use. It doesn't take a lot of space and loads quickly!
Alice Lovegrove review Alice Lovegrove
This is a review of the app, not the Guardian itself. Notifications have stopped working (Sony Xperia z5 compact). I've checked all notification settings, both in-app and in my phone settings, and they look fine. I'm also not seeing new articles from contributors that I follow - no little blue dot in the 'you' icon, and a message saying there's nothing new and I'll be notified when a new article is published when I go into it, even when I know that's not true.
Joel N review Joel N
Seems like I'm one of the few people who actually likes the new layout - it's easy on the eyes and works much better on a tablet. I do wish that they had got all the features working before replacing the new version though. After over a month and a few updates I still have no way to submit a comment. There are a few other little niggles as well which ruin the overall experience.
Tom Museth review Tom Museth
Fairly decent app from a technical standpoint. But the quality of "news" in this paper has degenerated dramatically. Katharine Murphy as political editor is unreadable: a fact-free mouthpiece for conservative ideology who is becoming increasingly ridiculous. I can't do this to myself anymore. See ya, Guardian.
Harry Carson review Harry Carson
Can often be trusted
Not damning with faint praise. It is head and shoulders above the others.
OMG, what am I going to do during my 30 minute lunch break? Please fix the crossword. Happy to support the paper, but having access to crosswords and no ads is a great tradeoff.. although without my access to puzzles it ain't quid pro quo. 21/2/18: Thanks for fixing the crossword!
Alan Lord review Alan Lord
Concise and well balanced news as it happens. Easy and straight forward navigation to find exactly what interests you. Well done the Guardian.
Bob O'Mahoney review Bob O'Mahoney
Love this paper BUT PLEASE fix the crossword! As soon as I select a clue it disappears under a black box. PLEASE....... Crossword now fixed.Thank you. 21 Feb 2018
Jason Almeida review Jason Almeida
Probably the best online news experience
A fast and well designed app with A LOT of content! I switched from using the BBC app because it's content was not up to scratch. The guardian has a lot of articles which is great. One thing that could do with some improvement is the offline functionality. I didn't find it as intuitive as the rest of the app, but thumbs up overall
John Severn review John Severn
Best news app there is but it's borderline abusive on my phone's battery when compared to other apps in its class.
Richard Demby review Richard Demby
Totally politically biased. Such a shame they cannot just report the news.
John Maynard review John Maynard
Guardian Fail Again
A well-functioning app. However the content is atrocious for what used to be a serious broad sheet paper. Politically, under Viner, you might as well read the Telegraph. 'It seems like the editors and writers have forgotten the core principles of journalism, to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.' A beautiful part-quote from today's Comments.
I really enjoy this app but recently I haven't been receiving updates from all the journals I am following. Whenever I click on the 'following' section of the app it just says there are no updates, even when I can clearly see by looking through the newspaper that journalist on my list have uploaded new content. Anyone else having this issue/knows how to fix it? I have already tried reinstalling.
Barbara Garcia review Barbara Garcia
It was great until you started covering text with the floating ad. Two stars subtracted.
Olawale Eleso review Olawale Eleso
The UI is great at not overwhelming readers with news, instead you scroll to get what you need or check the side menu.