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Viber Backgammon
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DOWNLOAD VIBER BACKGAMMON FOR FREE! The #1 backgammon game has hit Viber! Roll the dice with friends from all over the world in places where backgammon is called different, exotic names, such as dado, acey, duecy, baraoyun, tric, trac, tavla, tabula, tapa and even shesh-besh! Play anytime, anywhere, in REAL-TIME with just the click of a button!

By playing backgammon online you will learn proper backgammon rules and improve your backgammon strategy. With the easiest backgammon setup, the most organized backgammon rules, and the largest backgammon community in the world to consult with, you'll be well on your way to becoming the world’s best backgammon player! Are you up for the challenge? Get in the game and go for the gammon!

With beautiful backgammon boards representing cities around the world, you will travel far and wide to the most exotic locations online backgammon has ever seen!

• FREE COINS DAILY: Collect your bonus every day
• FREE GIFTS: Send, receive, and unlock dice sets, lucky mascots, blessings and more
• ROLL WITH STYLE: Choose from a huge variety of dice sets to personalize your game
• SHAKE UP THE COMPETITION: Get dice shaker cups for an even more life-like experience
• INSTANT WORLDWIDE PLAY: Choose a board and play an opponent in real-time
• BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE BOARDS: Unlock striking backgammon boards
• BECOME A BACKGAMMON MASTER: Gain XP, level up, and climb the leaderboards
• PLAY NITRO: Keep your opponents on their toes by making your move in 20 seconds or less


Viber Backgammon APK reviews

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Боян Паскалев review Боян Паскалев
online players are bots
Mulki Daud review Mulki Daud
The worst game ever
Ck Koko review Ck Koko
Eszter Frank review Eszter Frank
If the game works well than I really enjoy it, but many times, when the end of the game is near, that programming suddenly breaks down and tries to reload. So when I would win and this is happening than it's really bad. Problem is not with my internet connection as other games run well. Thx for review.
Sahar S review Sahar S
Stop making me lose when I'm winning
It looks pretty, sure. Love that it includes persia where backgammon was born BUT hate the fact that when I am winning, bc of a low internet connection it takes away all my coins and says u lost!! Hate it! Also, the double or nothing part is an absolute cheat, makes the game much less enjoyablel. Seems like the game creators forget we know mobile games are all based on programming and not absolute randomness. Those r fake coins no need to be cheap, ppl!
Deni Kulevan review Deni Kulevan
Bad game
Unreal stupid game, when i go to win ALWAYS opponent is going to overtake me and i loose game. I lost a lot of coins in very unreal moves. So if this stupid game is unreal than raise bonus coins from 100 to 2000 in every hour!!!
Thomas Yfantis review Thomas Yfantis
Is a totally fraud, it forces u to loose in order to buy coins..good << business >>.
Vafa Andalibi review Vafa Andalibi
Unfair 'double or nothing'
Double or nothing feature is totally unfair. I tired it for over 40 times and I won only in 2 or 3 of them
Big Q review Big Q
Sign in issues and too freakin predictable!
After I play several rounds win or lose and X out of the game app and try to return later it won't let me sign in under my Viber tag, only as a guest unless I uninstall then reinstall the app then I'm back to using my Viber tag and all winnings are restored and I can continue as usual until it happens again. Also game play is way too predictable! Just when you hope you don't get caught THEY GET YOU EVERY TIME. ..c'mon fellas let's reprogram and get this right and bring back the fun factor that is missing!