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Viber Defenders
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Join the battle and defend your towers against the enemies!

60 furious tower defense battles across three worlds!
Fearless heroes – Fox, Goblin, Robot and Necromant – will reinforce your defense!
6 basic towers with a dozen of improvement options! Turn your tower into a lethal defense weapon!
Profitable mines and stone quarries! Provided that you have the nerve to seize them, of course…
Special “Mega Cannon” – a gift from a friend that turns enemies dead! Log in via Viber and ask your friends for this exclusive weapon! Do help your friends as well!
Special Airborne Goblin Squad is always ready to help!
Unique Goblin Magic! Turn the enemy into bloody mess!
Super intense survival mode Arena! Respect and valuable prizes for the most enduring defenders is on the house!

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Viber Defenders APK reviews

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Kyle Cannon review Kyle Cannon
More hero's needed as well as more events
Muhammad Huud review Muhammad Huud
Yeah that's what I am talking about
J L BOYS review J L BOYS
Best of the best defence game out right now
Vladislav Konakchiev review Vladislav Konakchiev
Great graphics ! SO MANY ADS!
Great graphics and fast loading times, little to no stutter even on my not so powerful phone. Needs more towers and upgrades. WHAT'S WITH THE ADS VIBER? ok so it's a free game. Sure you can make some money with well placed ads. I like the 'watch an ad to upgrade quicker' option, but soo after that i started getting ads with every time i press pause when i play and every time i get a viber message and it's a #uck### nightmare. I'm sure over the time of one play through viber would make enough cash
Daniel Garcia review Daniel Garcia
Has connection bugs
The game is nice but I have problems connecting. It keeps saying that I don't have a connection but I do.
Maduka Jayawardana review Maduka Jayawardana
Excellent graphics
This game designed with good tutorial and best graphics which make us to play with much fun.
dilanozaur dilanozaur review dilanozaur dilanozaur
Simple and with good graphics
It's easy to play, nice instructions. Nice graphics
Bram Rau review Bram Rau
I like it
nobbin esic review nobbin esic
Cool and exciting
Kaung Sithu review Kaung Sithu
So fun to play must download
Kole Stamadziev review Kole Stamadziev
Below average
jigstone morata review jigstone morata
Nindotah gud...
Phi Gutierrez Banzon review Phi Gutierrez Banzon
Loving the game but......
Keeps on lagging. The spirit section is too limited. The gems are not increasing in the arena section. The # of heroes are too limited too. Looking forward for development. But all in all, very addicting game. ?
Bonnie Palladini review Bonnie Palladini
Awesome tower defense game
Todor Piperkov review Todor Piperkov
Payed heroes? Really?