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Viber Rude Rider
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Got a need for speed? Viber Rude Rider is a free-to-play action packed racing and shooter arcade game.

“Move over, loser!”

Expect sarcasm, taunting, and insults from Rudy, the crazy driver.

“Get off the road, Grandma!”

How to Play:
Collect as many Coins as you can as you race through traffic and blow up other cars and obstacles in your way. Use Coins and Gems to upgrade your car and Weapons.

• Collect Coins while shooting any and all obstacles in your way!
• Customize your car: use Coins and Gems to upgrade Boosters, Weapons, and Shields!
• Collect Boosters to drive at super-speed, get more Coins, double XP, and more!
• Compete with your Viber friends! Race to the top of the Leaderboard!
• Complete Challenges and win extra Gems!
• Come back every day for your Daily Bonus Keys!

Compete in the King's Race and collect King Coins to shoot up the rankings. The further you race ahead and the more King Coins you collect, the better your score will be and the more Gems you will win. Compete with your friends and the world as a whole to be crowned the ultimate champion, the King of the Road.

Enjoy the rudest, crudest racing shooter game around!


Viber Rude Rider APK reviews

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Nemanja Klun review Nemanja Klun
Lynn morritt review Lynn morritt
Rude rider rules
Really addictive great u can brag to your friends
Stella Harbour review Stella Harbour
It is so fun to play with your mate's:)!!!!
Sam Mcmanus review Sam Mcmanus
Love this game very good cant stop playing
Michael Gallagher review Michael Gallagher
It's aaddiiccttiivvee
Odette Nimrod review Odette Nimrod
Fun game
Pratik Khadka review Pratik Khadka
Nice game
I would have gave 5 stars BT the music is get irritating as u play
edi saric review edi saric
Upgraded all cars to max, nothing more to do. Not bad game but too short.
Mario Mijic review Mario Mijic
Kings race problems
2 times in a row I have ended kings race competition on a third place but race results were never shown, nor I have received any gems. Also if I'm still in race when competition is over or on any screen other than home screen where weekly rankings are, results are not shown. If I complete competition with only single life same things happen. Game is great but these bugs make it sucks.
Isuru Wimalarathne review Isuru Wimalarathne
This game is good but u have to Improve this when we distroy vehicles the coins go everywhere it is good if you make it like this when we distroy it the coins and other stuff come to us.And you must make the coins value 5 .please do this things
Peroja Perera review Peroja Perera
Time waster
I think halfway through the game i start drooling because my mind shuts down. Great on the way home home on a train game.
Snowie Awesome review Snowie Awesome
It's okay you have your wait to get the riders though. To play
Mashiur Rahman review Mashiur Rahman
Loved it
Absinth Mughelli review Absinth Mughelli
Addictive and old school, love the comments and minimalistic graphics, kinda reminds me of old Galaxy Wars. I only wish I can move back and forth, not just left and right. Everything else is great.
ahmed samatar review ahmed samatar
Love it
I think this is one of the best viper games even if someone calls me on viber I will never leave this game once you start you can never stop