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Viber Wink lets you send photo & video messages that disappear after they have been viewed

Some moments are meant to be shared only once, then forgotten. Forever! Take your picture or video with Viber Wink, set a time limit for it, then share with your friends on Viber. Once the recipient has seen your message it will disappear - unless they take a screenshot of course ;)

Viber Wink requires Viber 5.7 to work

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Viber Wink APK reviews

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Edis Sylejmani review Edis Sylejmani
It' OK you did a good job, but copying another app it's not really a good idea!
Udaya Bajracharya review Udaya Bajracharya
? fun app
Wink moments .. Wink ?. Make it available for wink text only messages also.
Michael Shmilov review Michael Shmilov
Time to Wink
This product is part of a fun side project we worked on for the last 3 months. We hope you will enjoy it at least as much as we enjoyed working on it ;-)
Jorge Raymund Maravilla review Jorge Raymund Maravilla
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Great concept like snapchat, only that its on viber, thanks for improving the app experience.
Ronald Dizon review Ronald Dizon
Snapchat on Viber?
Worth a try. Trialing.
AmDy Xippe review AmDy Xippe
Coool.. :-D
Now i dont have to find different apps for different features. :-D
Besim Mydyti review Besim Mydyti
Do you remember when we used Windows Messenger, it was so simple and so fast. Then, Microsoft updated messenger with apps like games, news, big animated emoticons, screen sharing, etc... after the update nobody wanted these apps, everyone installed the old version. And the Live Messenger was so complicated and people stopped using messenger anymore. So, Viber is trying to do the same thing, but there are many application like viber, people can change their VOIP application to another simple one.
Michaela Nguyen review Michaela Nguyen
photo/video capture time is very slow which means you have to wait several seconds after pressing/holding the camera button since the capture time is delayed. screen rotate is automatic and won't lock. there's no stickers or drawing function. it's a makeshift replication of snapchat, but it'll do for sending brief pics to people who only have viber and not snapchat.
Werner Domröse review Werner Domröse
Pros: adds limited Snapchat-like photo/video ''chat" with timeouts. Allows adding text messages. Cons: does not allow drawing, resource hog. Had hoped this would bring back animated messages. Not a plug-in at all but a side-app operated through Viber (then again so were the Zoobe animated messages that used to be in Viber which made it different from, say, Skype). Preferred the Zoobe animated messages (but I suppose we could just use Zoobe to create them and then send files). Should've been real plug-in.
Yang Fuxiu review Yang Fuxiu
It's good but snapchat has more features to it. You should be able to make the text bigger or smaller as you please and not all if my text fits in which is really annoying. You should also add features like stickers on the pictures. The animal thing was cute please bring it back everybody loved it and it was something new where's this new idea is old.
Kris Ocampo De Dios review Kris Ocampo De Dios
a thought it was like the photobomb in Kik that U can choose which photo in your Gallery U can send, the app works though its just that it doesn't have that feature that I want... bummer.... ???
Prashant Bhikhu review Prashant Bhikhu
The concept of the idea is decent. It copies the core elements of snapchat, but having integration with viber is great. The problem is the application is very unpolished. It lags when taking a photo, adding a caption is very slow. The application definitely needs more performance fixes
Jean Tuyan review Jean Tuyan
Is this the best you have now?? You can't preview nor see the Wink you sent. Is that how it works? Animated videos is way better than this crap! Hope you bring it back!
Jadranko Mates review Jadranko Mates
I know that in the description it say "photo and video", but I thought you'll be also possible to send text messages that also auto disappear. But no. Geez.
Uzma Ahmad review Uzma Ahmad
In three sec u can take a screen shot of wink pictures and video u can record with other camera. There is no such think as I DON'T KNOW WHAT U DID LAST SUMMER ? ( wink wink)