Viber Wonderball APK

Viber Wonderball
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DOWNLOAD VIBER WONDERBALL FOR FREE! Join the Viber gang on their bouncy journey to Wonderland in this pachinko pinball style puzzle game!

Bounce through hundreds of levels as you unlock exciting new worlds and compete with your Viber friends to see who can get the highest score!

How to Play: Swipe to aim and tap to shoot all the red pegs. Out of lives? Request more from your Viber friends!

• Blue pegs unleash special power ups
• Each ball you get in the bucket rewards you with an extra move
• Special combo-shots reward you with bonus points and free balls
• Easy to play, challenging to master
• User boosters and special power ups help you through challenging levels
• Compete with your Viber friends and reach the top of the leaderboards!

Enjoy our shooter pachinko pinball style puzzle game! DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE!

Viber Wonderball APK reviews

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Callie H review Callie H
Really good game just a few in game bugs
Vhayto review Vhayto
Friends request spam
... But nice
Natasha Sardinha review Natasha Sardinha
Love it
This game is actually kind of addictive and I love it
kristy collins review kristy collins
So addictive.
No probs playing. WARNING very addictive. Lots of fun and a time killer
Mc Pro Pro review Mc Pro Pro
Good game
Good game but you need to be able to switch animals
nipuni Darshika review nipuni Darshika
I like this game very much its a good and very fun game i like it very much
Sabrina L. Hybarger review Sabrina L. Hybarger
Fun game-keeps your toes curled at times!
Rawnak Diganta review Rawnak Diganta
Well,it's very enjoyable to play.
Kimaia Murdoch review Kimaia Murdoch
Kim Murdoch and Chris Riare love this game sooooo much!!!!
kashira fernando review kashira fernando
SounDs Of GameR review SounDs Of GameR
very fun game no glitch for me
Abdul Sattar Laraib review Abdul Sattar Laraib
Nice game
I like this game more than the other game of viber . ?
Rupa Baranwal review Rupa Baranwal
Full of fun.
Dro Tahmasian review Dro Tahmasian
Too much fun
It's very nice fun game
Brenda Koch review Brenda Koch
Viber Wonderball
Love it. Enjoying no advertising. Can't wait to get more.