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Wifi Connecter Library
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An OPEN SOURCE library which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots.

This is NOT a standalone application. It is required by Wifi Analyzer and more. Do NOT install until required! Thanks.

The source code: http://github.com/mkch/android-wifi-connecter

Wifi Connecter Library APK reviews

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Zachary Somerset review Zachary Somerset
As always. No have to question reliability
marvin casubuan review marvin casubuan
Samsung s4 lte
Good app keep it updates thank you.
TPBGirl review TPBGirl
Peeps need to READ info before you install just any ole app
I was playing with the Wifi Analyzer while my Mom was in the doctor's office and I needed this to connect to the open networks in the area. Well i got it now and ready to roll! ?? Thanks Devs! These guys have GREAT apps and know what they're are doing ?
sudo killadem review sudo killadem
pleased ~to~pi $$ed (TAB 4)
ok so I tried this (with Analyzer) last night and got a good feel for the app... I can say that it was astonishingly one of the best apps I had ever used...Until about 4 hours later when everything just bugged out on me &that's the way it's been ever since. I've wasted about 6 hours of my day today trying to get it to work (im no tech~slouch) buggy as crackhead & just as stupid as all the competitors app$. Get it fixed and I'll be your biggest fan but for now its just trash.
Liam Zeveney review Liam Zeveney
Wi-Fi Meter
This App. Is pretty KOOL I haven't had ne. Problems wirh it...,..I enjoy it!!!!
Chris Nicholson review Chris Nicholson
Not what I was hoping for.
I use wifi analyzer daily. I was hoping this would let me pick a specific radio. It let's you change to different SSIDs. Not a radio.
Carlos Montseny review Carlos Montseny
Doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy S5 mini
Running Kitkat 4.4.2. However WiFi Analyzer itself works great. It's just this add on that doesn't work. I have multiple access points with same SUID for roaming and all access points are displayed correctly. Then I choose a specific one and select to connect. I get the message that I connected successfully, but actually I'm still connected to the previous one. Too bad...
Shiro Zero review Shiro Zero
Broke my ability to connect
I stopped being able to connect to anything via my data or my wifi the moment i used this app.
Natasha Simonian review Natasha Simonian
I dont get it
I mean this is supposed to make my internet faster ? I have a home internet but if i want to get passwords for other wifi networks..i cant ??
Tipside Records review Tipside Records
Great App
ATT: Down loaders you will like this awesome app; Its a great tool to give you more speed & also will keep you connected when you fall out of network WiFi. Yes It work...Yes It works!!!! You must get this app; if you want those details! Thanks
Zan King review Zan King
can you help me ? its always authenticating and then disconnects. help what should i do? thanks
phillip samuel review phillip samuel
Novice wireless guy
I used this app to reinforce wireless fundamentals that I learned during my CWTS self study class
Edward Swiftwood review Edward Swiftwood
Adds connection functionality to "WiFi Analyzer" app.
See the "WiFi Analyzer" app for the functionality to this library. It allows said app to connect you to wireless networks from directly within, greatly simplifying the process of connecting to wireless networks.
Carlos Rivera review Carlos Rivera
Connection issues
Not sure if it was this or wifi analyzer but after installing I had multiple issues connecting to my wifi dropping it slow connection or just telling me the router is off.
Sean Fosmire review Sean Fosmire
This is a LIBRARY. NOT an app. READ THIS
If you are not sure if you need this app, or are not 100% sure of what it does, then you are probably on the wrong page. This is an extension of the 'wifi analyzer' app. For people complaining they cant find this after installing, its because you DONT run this. This app gives the wifi analyzer app more capabilities, namely being able to selectively connect to a specific access point in a given network (when the network has multiple points) and is useful when the AP you are connected to has a weak signal.