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Welcome to the best auto-generated word search application for Android:

The Word Search of AppDrac is ideal for hours of entertainment and train our mind. It is suitable for both adults and children, since the game includes topics as "Kids", created especially for them.

1.- Word search has 7 items to choose from:
     - Animals
     - Countries of the World
     - Cities of the World
     - American presidents
     - Historical figures
     - Kids
- Trademarks

2.- Word search has three levels of difficulty:
     - Easy
     - Medium
     - Difficult

3.- Word search has two game modes:
     - List of words (words to find the slopes shown)
     - Remaining number of words (the number of words to find earrings shown)

4.- Has two methods of self-generation:
     - The maximum number possible (the board is filled with the maximum number of words)
     - Limited (the board is filled with a number proportional to the size of the words)

5.- Is available in many languages:
     - Catalan
     - Spanish
     - English
     - Italian
     - French
     - Portuguese


The board fits the screen size and ..... and you can play.

Gameplay is very simple; because they are hidden words in a grid of cells filled with letters.

All you have to do is search for a word, and when you find one, mark it with the finger from the first letter to the last. By doing so, if the word is correct it will be marked with a distinctive color and you'll can search the next

The palindrome words, that is, which is also read from right to left and left to right, starting can be labeled either ends.

NOTE: Sometimes are generated at random, unexpected words; especially if they are very short (2 or 3 letters); on these occasions, if the word appears in the dictionary of the topic, when you mark the word, this is added to the list of words and is marked with a distinctive colour.


Complete the game, calculates your score and stores your best times.


Also, if you can not finish the game, do not worry, when you get back can choose to start a new game or continue the game as you left it.


Word Search application is a completely free product that you can download and play without any restrictions.

2014 AppDrac - NotyxGames (Notyx Games)

Word search APK reviews

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Mimi Onu review Mimi Onu
This app is really good as it allows one to learn new words that one never knew existed before. I find it rather intellectual and would much rather prefer spending my time learning and training my brain to think quickly as oppose to playing a less intellectual game like snakes n ladders. I'm actually enjoying playing this game, but for those who like learning new things about the world we live in, this will be much more than just a game to them.
Harvinder Singh Dhaliwal review Harvinder Singh Dhaliwal
Best mind relaxing and enjoyable games
Lashae Patterson review Lashae Patterson
Word Search
you have to get all the words before your time is up but it's very relaxing
Tomacita Arrieta review Tomacita Arrieta
Word Search
The game is very relaxing & good to have to pass the time if you are bored. I don't find it difficult at all to find the words even on the difficult mode. No problems so far on my older model HTC Droid Incredible.
Kristopher Parker review Kristopher Parker
First time trying
This is my first time playing this game but ik it will be fun cause its a crossword puzzle app
Rosemary Padilla review Rosemary Padilla
Word search games are my game very pleased with the app highly recommend to anyone and everyone 5 stars in my book of apps
Love love love it 5 stars easy and works your brain very good app very pleased with this app
Debi Kapusta review Debi Kapusta
Fun and educating ok
Enjoyed it was able to teach children spelling while having fun
tiaho fernandes review tiaho fernandes
I like it
Man this thing is really cool and it also easy to do it my best time was 1m 35s 09
Tom Michalak review Tom Michalak
Ur challenged at each level but as u move up the levels so does the challenge. I enjoy this very much as it uses your peripheral vision as well as line of sight. It can b frustrating because u know u are capable yet a word will elude u causing your time to climb. Overall very good game.
Linda Medhurst review Linda Medhurst
Time waster :-)
Love it, waste so long it that everything else can wait! It's a good game if not a little repetitive.. Needs more choice of words as many pop up over and over again.
Tanya Tanyaaggarwal review Tanya Tanyaaggarwal
Its awesome better than useless games.
Angela Winter review Angela Winter
Word search
Good app.everything you expect from a word search game.adverts annoying though.Could be more colourful or pretty to the eye as well.
Angela Arellano review Angela Arellano
Word search
It gives you choices on what category you would like and that's very unusual these days and make sure your mind stays sharp. because it times you!!!!!
Chris Carabajal review Chris Carabajal
MaryJo Carabajal
I just got exactly what I was looking for in the puzzle world all the puzzles I can play Keep them coming. Just wonderful
Ginny Bauer review Ginny Bauer
Good time waster
I like it except for having to go backwards to start a new game, some repetition of words but overall great for brain exercise.