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Take WWE with you wherever you go – any time, day or night – with the official WWE app for your Android device.

Now, in addition to the latest WWE videos, news and thousands of photos, you can use the WWE App as your exclusive portal to WWE Network – a 24/7 streaming service with both scheduled programming and a massive, on-demand library.

Only on WWE Network, you’ll see every WWE live pay-per-view event, including WrestleMania, groundbreaking original series, reality shows and documentaries. You’ll also be able to explore sports-entertainment’s most comprehensive video-on-demand library, featuring every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view ever – uncut and uncensored – plus, classic matches and replays of Raw and SmackDown.

Join your fellow WWE Universe members at the next WWE Live Event near you – for which you can find complete details within the WWE App. Explore our full schedule of events around the globe, find out which Superstars will be in action, set reminders and order your tickets for the experience of a lifetime.

The WWE App provides instant access to your favorite WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends. View Superstar profiles for a quick look at extensive career milestones, biographies, video highlights and Twitter feeds.

If you want to outfit yourself like your favorite Superstar, enjoy the brand-new WWE Shop experience right from your device, where official WWE Shop merchandise is available at the swipe of your fingertip.

The WWE App is your key to unlocking a revolution!

WWE APK reviews

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Thomas Whinn review Thomas Whinn
Easy to use, great interace, easy to navigate
andrew brown review andrew brown
Very unhappy
Here it is the WWE Network app has worked fine on my galaxy s5 forever and waits till the night of champion pay-per-view to not want to let me watch it you're slipping on the app and I'm missing the live pay per view I'm just saying I pay my money fix it I definitely would like my money back now Vince
Joydeep paltuba review Joydeep paltuba
It does not hook you up
To get updated I still need to Google or search in YouTube.basically official website is much better than this app
Christopher Pennetta review Christopher Pennetta
Big Fan of This App
When watching a live feed like a ppv it tends to lose the HD picture often and starts to look like it was playing on an old box tv. Other than that the library is great and the amount of new original programming is better than I expected upon launch. Really love to watch the older programming from the 90's, especially ECW. Must have for any wrestling fan. ?
Dann Hayval review Dann Hayval
Worth waaay more than the cost , I watch the network a lot and have only scratched the surface , even if you don't like the current state of WWE it has something for every type of fan **needs updated attitude era raws/smackdowns
Why won't it work?
This app has never worked since it released. I've downloaded this app about 15 or so times over 10 months hoping each time that it'll work on my HTC One M8 but still no luck. It also does the same on my kindle but works great on my iPad. This has got to be an Android issue. It's soooooo frustrating! You've had more that long enough now. Sort it out!!
Craig Tump review Craig Tump
I like it but how hard is it to have Chromecast support? The AtBat app has it integrated and I know that WWE Network uses the same technology. Also how hard can it be to pull what you want to see. Unless it's being currently shown, good luck.
Jesus Becerra review Jesus Becerra
I love this app because with it I don't miss a thing and I can access my WWE network account thought it . IT IS ASWOME
Dan Washbourne review Dan Washbourne
No content playing
The app will make a great companion to watching the network on the xbox, though at the minute on my HTC one m8 nothing will play. Every time I attempt to launch a show it cuts out and says "Unfortunately, WWE has stopped". Disappointing, for the moment.
Tom Hill review Tom Hill
I want to like this app, but buffering is absolutely ridiculous. It'll buffer for 45 seconds and work for 3 seconds. This has to be fixed or no one will keep this app.
Mike Gorski review Mike Gorski
Sick of the free promotion
I've been a subscriber since the inception and have paid the 9.99. No more.. They give it away to everyone why should I pay when nobody else is?
Jimmy Harvey review Jimmy Harvey
As expected
When someone has multimillion (possibly billions) dollar corporation behind them, one would expect that company's app should be pretty good and polished to the point where complaints on anything are few and far between. Anything worthy of a complaint is basically nit-picky BS that takes more time to write (type) than would be worth if any action was to be done about it. 4 outta 5 stars only because there's no nude photos of Paige on the app. Thanx WWE anyway
Felix Gomez review Felix Gomez
It would be great if it would stream live raw and or smackdown events. More likely for the people like me who can't afford cable TV. Other than that its a great app for only 9.99 lol
Eric Villegas review Eric Villegas
Entertainment in my pocket
The World wrestling entertainment and Federation is on of my childhood show I watch with my older brother now I could pretty much watch a match on the go with no problem Thanks Vince or Hunter
Patrick Dodd review Patrick Dodd
Good needs one feature.
I love the app for I can go back and watch old episodes and relive the glorious attitude era, but I would love to see the feature to watch live shows, rather than having to watch it on a third party app. That was one of the main reasons I got it, for my one stop shop for everything wwe. Would make the app much better for Streaming straight to the app.